Why is it that people do not like to set up camp? Some people gripe about setting up tents and other aspects of getting ready for a few nights of camping. I love setting up my tent because it means I am out in the woods and will be camping.

I love making fires as it means I can roast the hell out of some hot dogs. I love laying out my sleeping bag on top of a cushioned foam mattress. I love most aspects of setting up camp. The few times I dislike setting up camp is because of the wind. When it is extremely windy it sucks to be setting up camp.

Setting up camp with heavy winds sucks. When camping in high winds it can be fun as long as you have camp set up first. When you are actually trying to set up your camp with hurricane force winds blowing your car across the river then it is absolutely no fun at all.

Taking down camp is what sucks to me. The actual process is not too bad but my mind starts wandering and I realize that I have to leave to go home. If I was simply taking down camp to set up a camp somewhere else that would be totally cool with me but when I know I have to go home it is not always a good thing.

Sometimes I relish the thought at taking down camp. Sometimes I simply need my satellite TV and air conditioning.

High winds and taking down camp to go home is the worst. You know you have to remove the tent stakes but as soon as you do the tent will fly away like a gigantic kite. Once you get the poles and the stakes removed you now need to fold and roll the tent up to fit inside of the carry bag. Usually you end up simply stuffing the tent into the back of the car and fold it up properly when you get home or away from the high wind situations.

Camping is a lot of fun. Camping in tornado alley with a tornado siren going off is definitely no fun. I have, in all honest never camped in this situation with an approaching tornado but I can definitely assume that this would be no fun.

When camping in windy conditions it is great to have a camper, RV, or mobile home. Camping in a trailer may not seem like real camping to you but the only true danger of camping in a 5th wheel during high wind storms is that your satellite dish may get knocked out of alignment.

You have to always have a fire to stay warm In high winds a fire will be needed to provide warmth but in high wind situations you could easily spark a major wildfire that takes out hundreds of thousands of acres. With this in mind I usually do not have a fire going when it is extremely windy, but I am bundled up snugly in my sleeping bag for big guys.