dual monitor

Setting Up Dual Monitors PC

Setting up dual monitors on your PC is a great way to increase your desktop viewing area and productivity. The extra screen is a great way for you to get all your windows organized and allows you the extra space to put things aside but not out of site. For those of you who do not know how to setup dual monitors this article was created to guide you a long the way. FYI not all dual monitor setups are the same way however the concepts are exactly th same.

Video Card
Before you begin check to see if you have a video card that supports a dual monitor setup. Look at the back of your pc and see if there are two DVI or AVI or HDMI connections. If you only have one chances are you'll need to buy a new video card. The easiest way to identify your video card is to see where the monitor plugs into usually it will lead you to your video card.

NOTE: buying an extra video card and trying to run two separate video cards is a headache and ends up in a lot of conflicts. Be smart and spend the extra money to get a single video card with two outputs.

Make sure you buy the right types of cables to support your monitor and the video card. There is nothing worse than having AVI inputs on your video card and DVI outputs on your monitor and not knowing.

Getting Started
Open up your PC and find the video card. Each card is seated on a slot that is soldered on to the motherboard. The video card slot should have two clips that hold the video card in place. Make sure you push both down firmly and it should eject the video card.

From there put the new video card in and push down until the clips "click" in place. Close up your PC and plug in both monitors. Once that is done power up your PC. Generally dual monitor video cards auto detect your monitor's if that does not happen check to see if the drivers installed correctly.

To check the driver installation right click on my computer and chose manage. From there click on device manager and then click display adapters. If your drivers failed to install properly the you will see a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark on it.

Setting Up Your Display Options
If you've installed your video card correctly and setup your drivers right you still might not be able to see the second screen come up. The reason being is because it needs to be configured and oriented in the display properties section. To do this right click anywhere on your desktop. From there a second monitor option will be availiable click on that and check the box that says "extend my windows desktop" Restart and enjoy your new dual montior setup.