The iPhone has become a personality extension for most Apple users. More than being a phone used for calling and sending out messages, this device also contains personal and professional information such as client lists, email messages, pictures, music, recipes, important documents and even presentations. It is a small object containing data on the most important aspects of life. It is not surprising that a lost iPhone can cause devastation and can affect productivity.

For iPhone users who often find themselves misplacing their favorite device, the Find My iPhone app is heaven sent. It is a simple application that uses iCloud and Location Services to find the approximate location of an iPhone or iPad using iOS 5. The app allows the user to find the missing iPhone on a map, send messages, and even lock or erase information remotely. Here are the basic steps in setting up this amazing application:

1. First, it is necessary to turn the service on by going the Settings button. Simply tap on “iCloud” and set “Find My iPhone” to ON.

2. A pop up menu will appear explaining the basic functions of the app. Tap on “Allow” to proceed.

3. Upon completion of these steps, you can use the application to locate your device. The device to be tracked needs to be powered on and connected to the internet.


Here are the steps to track the device using another iPhone or iPad:

1. First, you need to download the Find My iPhone app from the App Store. It is a free app that takes about 7.6 MB of space.

2. Click on the app and login in to your iCloud account using a registered Apple ID.

3. The next screen will show all of the Apple devices connected with the iCloud account. Tap on the device that you need to track.

4. Tapping on the device name will bring you to a map that shows the approximate location of the device. You are given to option to view it as a map, a satellite shot, or a hybrid shot.

5. Tapping on the blue arrow, on the other hand, will give you the option to “Play Sound or Send Message,” “Remote Lock,” or “Remote Wipe.” You can send a message or play a sound to alert the person who has your device. You can lock the iPhone remotely to prevent unauthorized access to your information. You can also opt to wipe out your data remotely especially if you have highly confidential information stored.

In the absence of Apple devices, you can also track your iPhone thru the web. Simply go to, login using your iCloud account, and click on “Find My iPhone.” Using this app is an absolute must as it doesn’t suck your data usage and it offers an incredible security measure.

iPhones and iPhone deals are incredibly expensive and if you don’t have phone insurance you really want to make sure your gadget is as protected as possible.