Setting the Perfect Mood through Girls First Communion Invitations

Your daughter's first communion is going to be one of the most special events in her life and even yours. To get everything perfect in time for the event, you want to get the invitations right first since that is where it all starts. To get the design right for your girl's first communion invitations, you first need to get the mood captured perfectly.

Your kid's likes and dislikes should play the biggest role in deciding the mood that the first communion invitations will convey. There are no hard and fast rules anywhere as to what mood it has to be, but there are a few don'ts to be taken care of. As an example, the mood of the invitation need not be very laid back, but at the same time, don't let the mood be modern to the point of being crass.

It is your daughter's communion and she has been born in the new generation. Keeping up with the trends, your child would not want a very serious and religious spin to the event. She needs to be happy about the event and look ahead to it. In that vein, the mood of the communion invitations can be somewhat light hearted and cheerful.

The guests should also be taken in to consideration when setting the mood for the invitations, not just your child. They need to get the message in the right vein. They should really feel invited and should feel that they are an important part of the whole picture. Your girls first communion invitations should be something that is sent with a genuine feeling of love.

When it comes to setting the mood of the communion invitations, colors plays the most important role. The background of the invitation should convey the theme of the whole communion event itself. You could actually choose any color you such as yellow, green, blue or the girls' favorite – pink. See to it that the color shade is moderate in nature.

I said you could choose any color because regardless of what color you choose, it is the tone that you zero in on that will play a more important role. If it is pink, is it bright, light, loud, colorful, expressive or what? If it is pink, it can be pastel, light, dark pink, even somewhat bright. However, it should not be too bright. If you follow this general rule, you will be able to choose the right shade for any color.

After getting the color and shade right, words play another important role. The color already says a lot about the invitation. The wordings should be very soothing with something new thrown in. For instance, if there is a poetry you or your daughter likes; you could print it on to the communion invitations as well.

The clothing in the communion event by you as well as the guests will be in line with the mood set by the girls first communion invitations. Also knowing the mood of the event, the guests will be able pick up the right kind of gifts for your daughter.