If the home water system in your house draws water from a well or from a low pressure water supply you likely have a house water pump. The pump increases pressure and allows you to draw the needed amount of water into the building. This can improve showering, washing, and toilet flushing. If you are suffering from low water pressure you can fix the problem. Depending on your home well water systems set up the pump may be set to too low of a pressure.


You can adjust the pressure either by increasing or decreasing as needed. But keep in mind that house water pump systems have a maximum rated pressures labeled on them. Never exceed this pressure rating number or you’ll be in for basement flooding and a broken pump.


First you will need to find your well or municipal water pressure tank near where the well or water line comes into your home. The water pump will be near the tank. Turn off and unplug the pump. Failure to disconnect the pump from the power supply can result in deadly electrocution! 


On the top of the pump, take off the plastic cap to reveal two threaded posts. These posts will have a nut on each of them. Use a pair of pliers to carefully adjust the nuts to increase or decrease water pressure as follows.Fix Low Water Pressure on House Well PumpCredit: By KVDP (talk (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


The nut on the taller of the threaded posts can be turned clockwise which will increase water pressure. Counterclockwise will decrease the pressure. Note that a full 360 turn clockwise will increase the pressure by about 2 pounds. Counterclockwise a full turn will decrease the pressure about the same amount.  Your water pump might have a display gauge to show the current pressure. 


If you happen to be using an air bladder type water tank you must make sure the tank’s pressure gauge is set at least 2 pounds below the pressure setting of the pump. For example a water pump set to 40 pounds of pressure connected to an air bladder style tank will have a tank pressure of 38 pounds. 


When set you can replace the pump cap and turn the pump back on. Run some water from a shower or sink for a few minutes to allow the pressure to adjust. If your pump is short cycling (turning off an on rapidly) you may need to readjust the pressure. If the short cycling persists you may need a new pump.


Water systems for well water can be regulated quite effectively with an adjustable house water pump to fix low water pressure problems. Keep in mind that you must not exceed the listed maximum pressure on the pump or you will experience a broken pump and basement flooding.