Garden lights are designed to blend in well with nature. After all, a garden is the perfect representation of nature, although it has been artificially created. When accented properly with lights, gardens can become a decorative showpiece. Accents in all the right places can create a surreal environment that everyone can enjoy. The best part is that extensive wiring is absolutely not required for a project like this. Using solar powered garden lights can decrease your costs and installation time by many fold. Path lights are one great example of solar technology at its best.

Solar path lights come in packs which range from three lights to a dozen or more. In some cases they can even be bought individually. They come in packs because they are designed to be lined up next to each other on each side of a path or walkway. They have other uses as well, including using them as a border to your garden. A common practice is to stagger them randomly throughout a flower bed to provide unexpected sources of light. One must ensure that each light is set in a sunny location for the battery to charge properly.

Once set it place, users never have to touch the lights again except for re-adjustment. After placement, the lights will turn on and off by themselves. This is done thanks to a solar sensor on the top. All hardware, including the batteries and light bulbs, are kept safe within a weather resistant case. The case sits on a stake which gets put into the ground by hand. This is a semi-permanent solution, as they can be easily pulled from the ground and put in a new location. Wired systems simply do not offer this kind of flexibility. Once you set them, they are there forever.

Path lights come in styles ranging from modern to classic. The exteriors can be made of either plastic or metal. Stainless steel is more expensive but is prized for its sleek modern look. Various textures and paint colors can be used to achieve an aged look on a new product. All but the most expensive garden lighting solutions use a plastic guard to direct the light beam and garden