Setting up a group of people can improve your life and education

So you are thinking of setting up a group of people, great idea, but where do you start. It is all very well having the intension of setting up a group. However it will not last very long if the people attending all have different interests and expectations.  They are giving up their time so will want to be getting something out of it.

Firstly you need to address why you are setting up a group of people. Foundation is the key to any good group.

  • Step 1

Why is setting up a group important to you?

Primarily you need to look at what you want the group of people for.  Are you bored and need company? Do you want to meet new people with similar interests? Do you want to learn from each other and all contribute something new each week? Do you want to improve your knowledge on a topic?

Knowing why you are setting up the group is the first piece of vital information you need. It is pointless setting up a group if you don’t really know why you are doing it.

  • Step 2

What are you setting up the group of people for?

Are you setting up the group of people for book reviews, parenting tips, improving your financial knowledge? Before you start telling people that you are thinking of setting up a group you need to have the information so people know what they can expect from the group. 

It is pointless setting up a group of people if you all want and expect different things from it. Decide upfront what you want from it, this will attract like-minded people who are looking for similar things.

  • Step 3

Where are the group of people going to meet?

You need to address where the group is going to run. You need a venue.  Are you going to run it from your home? Are you going to hire a hall once a week? Start an after school club?  Think of the logistics around this.  It is practical to address all aspects like, travel and costs involved for the group of people and yourself upfront. This will be a deciding factor if there is going to be a charge for attending the group.

  • Step 4

How is the group going to be run?

Your next step will be addressing how it will be run.  How many people will be able to attend, what is the size of venue? If you are running it in your front room, offering it to a large group of people will hardly be practical. When is it going to run? Is it going to be an open or closed group? How long will the group of people spend together? How will it be facilitated?

This is all important information that the group of people will need before they attend the group.

  • Step 5

Advertise the group and spread the word

Depending on what you want the group of people for and how many can attend depending on the size of venue, now you have the foundation you can shout about it. Tell your family, friends and work colleagues. Ask your friends to do the same.

Advertise on Face-book, if you have an account. Get your ideas out there and see what comes back but most importantly have fun and learn from the experience.

Oh, one last thing to think about.  Once your group is up and running and the ideas flowing, maybe you could try setting up a Face book group page that this dedicated to your group of people and chosen topic.

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