1. Keyword Research

As I have been writing articles seriously for the past couple of months each day, i have realized that it's better to write article that are popular. This is the first step to increase more traffic to your website.

After trying out Google search for a couple of days, I found that most of the writers out there were using two softwares, Market Samurai and Google Keyword Search Tools.

You can use Google keyword search tool after you login with your Gmail account. It's free and it list keyword list that are relevant to your word or phrases. For example, for this article, I typed, 'article writing tips', and it generated 100 results.

Another tool that you can invest is Market Samurai, that searches for article based on keyword relevancy, competition, value, and commerciality.

2. Content Research

Whenever I don't know anything about the topic that I want to write, I Google for the topic and visit three top websites, jot down important points, and relate with my own experiences and then write the article.

3. Write

After researching articles, I just start to write an article under 30 to 40 minutes. If the topic is familiar to me, I write about 500 to 700 words. However, for unfamiliar articles, the maximum words I write at from 300 to 400 words.

It does not matter how much words you use. The most important thing is to 'start writing' and keep on writing until you make all of your points.

3. Publish

After the act of writing,

4. Optimize

I optimize my articles by adding proper tags, keywords on the title and article itself, and choose proper categories.

I make it more visual by adding an image to each article.

5. Backlinks

I write about myself and have a link to my website. This way people reading who would be interested to read more articles have a chance to visit my website.

6. Rewrite

It's been 8 months I have been a member of Infobarrel. When i look at my articles that I wrote back, I sometimes feel that I missed some important points, or few more paragraphs are required to complete the article.

It's easy to rewrite the article to make it more relevant and content rich.

7. Interlink

Most of the directories allows to have three to four interlinks to other articles on the same directories.