So you're thinking about working two jobs, seven days a week?

There may come a time when you have decided to work two jobs, seven days a week. Before jumping the opportunity, you should really consider the pros and cons of getting that second job and ask yourself "is it worth it"? You may find that working that second job is more difficult than you think!

So why would you consider getting a second job?

  • Did one job cut your hours to the point where you can't pay your bills?
  • Do you want to pay off one of your loans?
  • You want to become self-supportive and move out of your parents' house?
  • Or perhaps you want to buy some pricey items such as buying a car or computer?
These are many reasons to get that second job. But still, you need to make a more educated decision by listing the pros and cons. Remember, by working two jobs you will likely work seven days a week. Here are some of my pros and cons for working two jobs.
  • The top reason why you should work two jobs is for the money. By working two jobs, you can work 50, 60, 70, or 80 hours a week. Even if both jobs are minimum wage (7.25/hour), you can make more than $1600 a month. This can pay for a decent apartment and meals for a month. Or you can pay off that loan, or pay for anything else you want.
  • You can get discounts from both places you work. So lets say you work at a department store and a restaurant. You can get your clothes at a discounted price and eat out cheap too!
  • Working two jobs will keep you out of the house. If you live with your parents, it is a step toward not being home. Even though you're not truly independent, you will feel a bit more free.
  • Working two jobs cures the problem of boredom. This is the last likely reason why I would work two jobs, but I thought I should throw it out there anyway.


The top reason why you should not work two jobs is that the jobs will take up all of your time. Here are some reasons why working two jobs is not necessarily a good thing.

  • You will no longer have free time - time to do whatever you want to do. You will spend the little free time  you have doing whatever you need to do (like your laundry).
  • You won't have the time to do everything you need to do.Mowing the lawn, meeting with family, or even dating are some things that you will not have time for if you work two jobs.
  • You won't have time to look for better work opportunities. Job-hunting is a strenuous task, especially with such a poor job-market these days. If you want time to find and research better jobs, write a unique cover letter, fix up your résumé, and apply, then you should avoid working two jobs.
  • Sleep deprivation. If you work two jobs, you will likely work twelve hours a day (most days). It will be hard to fit sleep into your schedule with everything else. If you don't get enough sleep, then you won't give either job 110 percent. Neither job will think you have what it takes to move up the job ladder because you will be too tired to put in extra effort.
  • You are worth more than either job. You are probably an amazing person, and you can do better than the two jobs you want to work. If your pay is near minimum wage at your current job, you may find it worth your time to look for a higher paying job.
  • Scheduling conflicts. Every job has different policies about how they write-up their schedules. One of my jobs (at a department store) has their schedule posted three weeks ahead of time. Another job of mine (at a restaurant) did not post the schedule until 5pm the day before the new week started. I had to let the department store know my restaurant job hours, and since they posted the day before the new week, I lost a day of work at my department store job.



So before you start working two jobs, it is very important that you consider the pros and cons. While you may feel that you have enough time to do anything you want, your time is actually quite limited. This is why both time management and calendars are such hot topics. Time is your most valuable asset - the only thing that you can't get back!

So do you work two jobs? Is it worth it?