Fans all over the world were full of joy when they discovered that the Star Wars saga was getting three more sequels. However, there was much room for concern when they found out who was behind it. As you know, Disney bought Lucasfilm and received the exclusive license to Star Wars and now they plan to make more movies. So far, the plan is to create three more titles which will continue where Episode VI, The Return of the Jedi left off. This article will cover seven facts about the upcoming movie, which is so far only known as Star Wars Episode VII.

Fan-made Poster for Star Wars VII

Star Wars VII Poster
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Fact Number 1

A new director

 The upcoming movie will be directed by director J.J. Abrams who is well-known for rebooting old franchises. He really made a name for himself recently when he started working on the Star Trek movies. Thus far, he has directed two (2) movies in this franchise: Star Trek (2009) and Star Trek Into the Darkness (2013). Both movies have been a success and Abrams did prove himself as a good director. While some think that he destroyed the Star Trek series, other praise his work and are hopping for the best when it comes to the seventh installment of Star Wars. Abrams himself is a big fan of the franchise and has announced that the feel a great burden on his shoulders.

Fact Number 2

John Williams returns!

 Composer John Williams will most likely be writing the score for the new movie. The legendary 85-year-old composer has made brilliant works of art in the past and we are hopping he will do so again. He has written the score for the past six movies, with iconic tracks such as: The Imperial March, The Mail Title, The Forest Battle, Anakin’s Betrayal, Duel of the Fates...

 Aside from this, he has worked on many other movies, including Superman and Jurassic Park and there is no doubt in the world that John Williams is more than capable of doing this job right. He has recently talked to director  J.J. Abrams and confirmed that he is "still willing and happy to work on the new movie".[1]

Fact Number 3

A new costume designer

 While we don't know who will be the stars of the new movie, we do know some of the staff members who will be doing their hard work behind the scenes. Not long ago, J.J. Abrams announced that Michael Kaplan will be working on Star Wars Episode VII as the lead costume designer. The two of them have a good work history as Kaplan also worked with Abrams on both Star Trek movies. He is great costume designer who has been praised for knowing how to keep to tradition, while still adding his own, unique, touches.

Fact Number 4

An Original Story

 A lot of people are wondering what the story of the new movie will be about. We know for a fact that the story will take place 10 to 30 years from the destruction of the second Death Star, which is where The Return of the Jedi left off. However, the Expanded Universe, which is a series of books, comics and video games has already covered what happens after these events. In spite of this, the staff of Lucasfilm (now Disney) have promised that the seventh movie will have an original story which will not ruin the Expanded Universe. Even though this sounds great, it seems impossible to be true.

Star Wars 7 UK
Credit: The Jedi Guardian

Fact Number 5

Returning to England

 The past six Star Wars movies were mostly made in England and this is where the new movie will be created as well. The head of Lucasfilm, Kathleen Kennedy, has announced that Star Wars Episode 7 aims to return to its roots and that there is a lot of history and tradition in making the movie in England. This turn of events quickly had the English media saying that the Force is strong with Britain's film industry! 

 The seventh installment of the series will thus be returning to some famous movie studios such as Elstree, Shepperton, Leavesden, Ealing and Pinewood Studios.

Fact Number 6

George Lucas is still here

 Even though George Lucas no longer has anything to do with his old company Lucasfilm, he will still have some say about the new movie.  Kathleen Kennedy has told the press that he has already joined the staff as creative consultant and that his role will be to monitor and shape the new movie. However, his authority is not very high so we doubt that he will really be able to change much. Still, it is expected that J.J. Abrams will value his council and advice.

Fact Number 7

Even more movies?

 Star Wars Episode VII won't just be an experiment; it will be the start of a whole new era in the Star Wars saga. Disney has announced that the seventh episode will be the start of a new trilogy and that we can expect to see all three movies by 2017. Aside from this, Disney is planning on making another movie which will be a standalone story. They also plan to make an animated series called Rebels which will air on Disney XD in 2014. 

 As you can see, they have invested a lot of money so that they could get the Star Wars license and now they have to get their money's worth. The fans can only hope that the movies will be good and worthy of the Star Wars legacy.