Growing up there were always kids who had the best things ever in their desks. Then a few years later they were the ones with the really cool things in their lockers. Presumably, their dorms were pretty sweet as well. So it should come as no surprise that these kids grew into adults with some of the most fun cubicle toys ever made.

Check out this list of seven of the best cubicle toys.

Ding dong, who's there? It's the cool kid from elementary school all grown up

It goes without saying that these cool kids probably all have cubicle doorbells. These babies attach to cubicle walls so that ne'er-do-wells and colleagues can make their presence known before barging into the cool domain these people work in.

Sure, not everyone will like the sound of a doorbell chiming throughout the day (especially if any of your coworkers happen to be dogs), but everyone has to have something to live for during the work day.

And you thought your paper shredder was awesome

Then there is the Edward Scissorhand bobble head. Sure, the eponymous film came out in 1990 so most people are probably over the man with scissors for hands who could whip up fantastic bushes and poodle hairdos on the fly, but nobody has forgotten him.

This bobble head comes complete with that whole black and metal suit he wore, the untamed hair, and the famous scissors for hands.  While there's not much one can do with a bobble head version of Johnny Depp in his best role ever it does serve as quite the conversation piece. And it's a safe bet nobody else will have a bobble head that comes close to being as amazing.

All Systems Go, Ready, Aim, Launch

Remember when paper planes sailed through the classroom, landed somewhere near the teacher, and then nobody would fess up to creating and flying the thing? The USB Rocket Launcher for cubicles is kind of like that, only way better.

This toy rocket launcher plugs into the computer and the software it comes with gives users the ability to aim and shoot the rockets through the office by innocently clicking the mouse. There's no question that every guy in the office will be obsessed with this toy and it will probably result in a harmless war fought by bored nine-to-fivers.

Just make sure that having this type of toy doesn't interfere with any kind of corporate policies. After all, getting fired for a toy rocket launcher is not what anyone wants to be known for.

The Lego world is the real world

This next toy will almost certainly result in productivity dropping down. Way down. The Lego USB Hub is both functional and playful. After all, what office worker doesn't need a USB hub? The only problem that arises from this toy is the fact that it will mean that all of the employee's Legos stored in the basement will resurface in the office. It's pretty much guaranteed that an epic Lego village will take over the cubicle.

One benefit to building the Lego kingdom is that should any problems arise, everything can be blamed on the two-inch Lego men that will surely have made their way into the cubicle.

Office friends will fade away with the disappearing ink pen

Remember the kid in school who always had the toys that could make even the toughest kid cry? Well, that kid grew up and has an entire cubicle full of disappearing ink pens. These pens work like regular pens, but there's a catch. The ink disappears after a while leaving nothing behind to suggest anything was ever written.

Imagine the fun that can be had with disappearing ink. Write an important note (a fake one) and watch a coworker freak out trying to find it.

Just know that this toy will probably irritate coworkers and/or come back to haunt whoever owns it. After all, imagine grabbing the disappearing ink pen to write a quick note without realizing it…

Mama said knock you out

Feeling the need to deck someone in the face is common (and frowned upon) in the workplace. Luckily, work stress and any ill will felt toward a boss or coworker can be taken out on the Swearing Punching Bag.

With suction cups this bag sticks to any desk and is ready to take a beating. The best part is that with each hit it screams profanities in a chipmunk voice, which was probably done to make it just a little bit more safe for work.  

All these toys are starting to get a little fishy

As much fun as toys are there is one thing on this list that isn't really even a toy, but it's just as great. That's the USB Fishquarium.

This modern marvel is an actual working fish tank that also serves as a light, pencil cup, and clock and it's all powered by the USB. It's one of the few ways to have a pet in the office. Plus, pets are known to reduce stress levels, even when they can't be touched, so that's bound to boost office morale.

You know what they say about all work and no play

Decorating an office with photos of the family and placing a few trinkets here and there might be enough for some people. But all those who said recess was their favorite class in school will find solace in the fact that even though they're all grown up, toys are still allowed in the workplace. After all, who doesn’t want to bring some life into their cubicles?