1. Be Sure Your Lawn Looks Great

The front of your home is where what curb appeal is all about. If your homes lawn is below average for your neighborhood you can expect a 10% drop in the initial offer right from the beginning. A few hours of work any do-it-yourselfer can get all but the worst off lawn up to snuff. The time you spend landscaping and doing some general cleaning will pay off big time. The front of your house is the first thing a potential buyer sees, so having a nice front lawn will set the showing off on the right foot.

2. Never Buy The Staging Furniture

When you stage a home you are doing it for the expressed purpose of increasing the appeal for a potential buyer. You should save your money and be sure not to buy the furniture you are using to stage it. When you stage a home it is best to remove most of the extra pieces and keep it somewhat simple. A potential buyer wants to see the home that they are going to build for their family they do not want to see your old things so be sure to clear out any personal objects that can be a turn off. Obviously you are moving out of this space to move to a new home and if you buy furniture for the purpose of selling an old house it doesn’t make sense to bring furniture your bought for an old house into a new house.

3. Get a Professional Home Stager

When you stage your home there is no reason not to get a professional stager to help you. The return on investment for the money you spend staging a home on average is 587% making it a total no brainer. Besides the fiscal argument there is also the emotional aspect of selling a home. It is very difficult to look at your home and see it unbiased to get the most out of it. A professional stager will see your home from a third-party and be sure to hide any low points and accentuate high points to make the sale.

4. Don't Leave Your Personal Articles

When you get ready to sell your home be sure to take out all your personal items that could become an obsticale to selling the home. A home buyer wants to see their new home they do not want to buy your "old" home. Pictures, trophies and other items that are uniquely yours should be taken out of the home or at least put out of sight. Instead of a large family portrait try putting up a framed print instead. Pet items should also be eliminated from view if possible. Make sure your home is inviting to the potential buyer and has appeal to your demographic. 

5. Get A Home Stager Not An Interior Decorator

When you get a home stager be sure that their business is staging not general interior decorating. Decorators want to set the house up to appeal to your unique taste and make you the customer happy. A home stager wants to set up the home to appeal to a wide range of potential buyers to expedite the selling process. Some interior decor is very drastic and that is exactly what you don’t want when you stage a home. 90% of buyers can’t visualize the potential of a home when left to their own devices, which is exactly why you need to stage the home in the first place.

6. Never Use Inappropriate Furniture

The furniture that the home stager places in your home needs to be appropriate to that home. Using below average or poorly maintained furniture will really hurt the showing so be sure to use high quality furniture that is appealing to your potential buyer. Some stagers will try to save money by putting furniture that either doesn’t fit in the home or does more harm than good, so be sure you use high quality appropriate furniture.

7. Never Try To Sell A Vacant Home

A vacant home screams desperate seller. A professional stager will be able to place a professional home manager in the house to give the impression of a casual sell. A home manager will also be able to prep the house for showings and make sure it is always ready to sell, that way you as the seller don’t need to make runs to the home to turn on the air conditioning or heat is on before a showing. Managed homes are also much less likely to be vandalized or suffer catastrophic damage that the owner is unaware of.