Nowadays, people have become more aware of the benefits of hitting the gym. The reason behind this is because going to the gym not only improves your health, it will also enhance  your physique and boost your confidence. However, if there is no proper planning or a good workout schedule in place, you will soon realize that all your effort will go down the drain. Today, we are going to look at seven common mistakes weight lifters make.


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  • No Workout Schedule In Place

 Mastering each and every exercise will not help you cultivate muscles if there is no proper planning in place. To see developments, you need to have a solid workout routine and to understand how these exercises should be put together to enhance effectiveness. Some factors that will affect the efficiency of your workouts are the choices of exercise, repetitions, amount of weight, tempo and resting duration. Once you have all of it planned out, stick to it with discipline and soon you will reap the fruit of your labor. Remember, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail!

  • Heavier Weights over Proper Lifting Forms

One of the most common mistake you can make is to compromise proper lifting techniques for heavier weights. Lifting heavy weights without proper techniques will not only lower the proficiency of your workout, it also increases the likelihood of you getting injured. The last thing you want is to be injured and waste precious time and money to heal instead of focusing on working out. Proper lifting forms are vital to your workouts as it will not only ensure that you are targeting the right muscles, it also stabilizes your body and prevent  injuries. If you feel pain while exercising, it is time to get your lifting form checked.

  • Inadequate Rest between Sessions

Muscles do not grow while you are in the gym working away. Sure, they might appear to be bigger when you are training, but it is only temporary. It is between training sessions when the muscles grow, therefore ample rest is vital to you achieving your ideal physique. You will know you have enough rest when you feel refreshed and strong. The amount of rest between sessions will depend on the type of workout you perform, so be sure to plan your rest just like you plan your workout.

  • Not Warming Up

Jumping straight into weight lifting without appropriate warming up is both risky as well as ill-advised. The function of warming up is to prepare your body for the workout ahead. It will help prevent injuries, kick-start your metabolism as well as strengthen your body and mind when the actual workout begins. So be sure to spend time warming up before doing any exercises.

  • Neglecting Your Legs

Your leg and butt takes up the biggest muscle percentage on your body. Because of this, they are capable of very heavy weight lifting. In addition to that, working out your legs will cause your testosterone to shoot up after an intense training session. This puts your body in an ideal situation for muscle growth, and also assist you in adding lean muscles all over. Furthermore, training the legs also signals your body to burn fats, and therefore you should add leg exercises into your workout routine to hasten up the process of achieving that physique you are aiming for.

  • Taking It Easy

There is a time and place for everything and gym is a place for you to work out. Going around chatting with other people while lifting weights lower the productivity of your time spent in the gym. My advise to you is to keep your eyes on the prize and stay focus!

  • No Goal

How can you plan your journey if you have no destination in mind? Likewise for weight lifting, you need to have a purpose for wanting to step into the gym and work hard every single time. Without aim, you will be training blindly, and chances are you will not plan your routine or push yourself hard enough. This will cause you to waste your precious time and money in the gym. So be sure to have an aim in mind, hold on to that aim of yours and work hard towards it.


Working out is all about efficiency. If you can avoid the seven mistakes mentioned in this article, i am sure you will increase the efficiency of your workout and achieve your aim in a shorter time. I wish you all the success in achieving your goal!

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