Watching a fantasy movie or playing a video game allows us to visit strange environments. However you do not always need fantasy to visit uncommon areas. Here are just a few natural creations that you can find in reality.

The Painted Forest

rainbow eucalyptusCredit: Google

rainbow eucalyptus2Credit: Google

rainbow eucalyptus3Credit: Google

Beautiful aren’t they? If you are thinking an artist took time to paint this forest with a variety of colors then you will be wrong, the only artist here is nature. These are Rainbow Eucalyptus trees and they can be found at different locations in the northern hemisphere.

To achieve their colorful attire, the trees shed pieces of bark and exposes a fresh bright green bark. The green color eventually darkens and changes to colors such as blue, orange, purple, and maroon shades.

Spiderweb cocooned trees 2Credit: GoogleSpiderweb cocooned trees 3Credit: Google

Tree Of WebSpiderweb cocooned treesCredit: Google

No need to worry, giant spiders have not taking over the planet, in fact these web covered trees found in Pakistan have a simple and more earthly story behind them. When the area floods millions of spiders head for the trees to escape the raising water. Due to the fact that the water take a while to recede, the spiders take up residency in these trees for an extended amount of time and spins webs to catch food.

Rainbow Fire

Rainbow2Credit: Google

RainbowCredit: Google

This phenomenon that looks like a deformed rainbow, is known in the weather field as a circumhorizontal arc. The colors are achieved when light passes through high altitude wispy cirrus clouds. These types of rainbows are not seen often because the ice crystal that make up cirrus crystals must be shaped like thick plates with their faces parallel to the ground.

That’s Hot

Grand Prismatic Spring2Credit: Google

Grand Prismatic SpringCredit: Google


Grand Prismatic Spring3Credit: Google

This psychedelic hot spring is known as Grand Prismatic Spring, it is found in the United Sates in the beautiful Yellowstone National Park. At 160 feet deep and 250 by 350 feet wide in size, it holds the title as the largest hot spring in America. The spring sits on volcanic vents that heats the water to 160 degrees Fahrenheit.

Now that you know some basic facts about the spring, here is the amazing but simple story behind the psychedelic colors. The hues are produced by pigmented bacteria living around the spring. The amount of color the bacteria gives off depends on the temperature of the water and the amount of sunlight they receive.

 Alien Surface

Salar de UyuniCredit: Google

Salar de UyuniCredit: Google

Salar de Uyuni3Credit: Google

Looks like the surface of planet Neptune doesn't it? Fortunately to visit this site you do not have to go rocketing through the cosmos. Welcome to Salar de Uyuni, located in Bolivia South America, the surface is covered in a layer of salt that is so reflective it mirrors the sky. This area is considered to be the largest salt flat in the world. Many years ago this site was covered by the waters of a prehistoric salt lake known as Lake Minchin. After the lake dried up all the salt was left.

Mountain In The Clouds


Mount Roaima 2Credit: GoogleMount Roaima2Credit: GoogleMount Roaima 3Credit: Google

Standing at an elevation of 2,810 feet, Mount Roraima creates a natural border for the countries of Guyana, Brazil, and Venezuela in South America. Roraima consist of 400 meter highs cliffs on every side, and is the tallest mountain apart of the Pakaraima Mountain Chains.

Mount Roraima has some of the highest waterfalls in the world and consist of spies of plants that will not be found anywhere else on earth.

The Stone Forest

Stone Forest2Credit: Google

Stone ForestCredit: Google

Stone Forest3Credit: Google

Lets end this journey by visiting another forest. Say hello to the Stone Forest in the Yunnan Province of the People’s Republic of China. This is forest consist of limestone that protrude out of the ground forming shapes that sometimes resemble petrified trees. The formations are thought to be about 270 million years old and covers an area about 186 miles. The rocks were curved by wind, water, and seismic activity over many years into their current formations. The area has become a major tourist destination for local and foreign residents.


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