This show is run by Alison Sheridan and she does a very professional show. Every Sunday evening there is a live recording of the show that fans can visit, hang out in the chat room and talk to each other as well as try to annoy Alison (Just for friendly fun). She does product reviews and is funny with it. Intelligent and witty chat under the cover of pretending to be not so tech savvy. She does do specialist items about accessibility, so this would be how the blind can use the computer. She has a family member that is not fully sighted. She also has guests on the show like for the section of the show called Chit Chat across the Pond. it used to be with Bart Buschotts from Ireland, your friendly nerd that signs off with “Happy Computing”. These days it could be anyone although Katie Floyd had been on more than a couple of times.

Mac Most podcastMac Most

Gary Rosenzweig is the host of the MacMost show, which is a video podcast designed to help you get the most from your Mac and iOS devices. He offers tips, tricks and tutorials alongside reviews that are for the casual user of the Mac, as well as for business users of Apple products. An example of topics covered are ‘Getting your Mac ready for sale’ and ‘Using Styles in Pages’. Short video podcasts that are incredibly useful and you can download the back catalogue of tutorials from in iTunes.

Mac Review castMac ReviewCast

This Mac Podcast is produced by Tim Verpoorten and is a super podcast about Mac and iOS applications. There is a section in there about free and shareware applications of the week and other contributors send in useful extra reviews on other, paid for Mac Apps. Regular contributors would be Alison Sheridan of the NosillaCast and Michelle Lopez from The Portable Gamer and iCasual Report who recently reviewed the iPhone/iPod Touch game: Zombies ala Mode. David Allen of Mac20Q Podcast and GazMaz do reviews for the MacReviewCast as does the talented Lola Wong. It is not just software that gets reviewed but also hardware that is relevant to the Mac ecosystem.

Screencasts onlineScreencasts Online

Don McAllister is Mr NiceGuy of the Mac tutorials. He works full time making podcasts to show Mac users how to do things. These screencasts will centre on an application and he goes through what can be done with that application. Don goes into detail and must spend ages learning the ins and outs of the application he is showcasing. He is the guy that appears on other podcasts as the sensible Mac Guy. He is on the BagelTech Mac show, sometimes also is on MacBreakWeekly. The way that he makes money from making podcasts is to offer one free show per month that anyone can download, then three premium podcasts that go out the other three weeks of the month. Don now does tutorials for iOS devices as well as for the Mac. If you want to see what some software can do without having to buy it or download a trial version (if one is available), then ScreencastsOnline is well worth looking at. You can get the shows in a variety of formats best suitable to how you want to view them. So there is a version optimised for the iPad, another for the Apple TV and so on.

Examples of the shows from Screecast Online:

  • Dragon Dictate 2.0 for Mac
    • He demonstrates just how easy it is to dictate, navigate and correct documents using just your voice. The show also includes sections on commands and using Dragon Dictate with various applications.
  • Archive & Compression in OSX
    • This show takes you through the basics of compressing (and un-compressing) files and folders, including a look at an application you may have seen make an appearance in your Dock - The Archive Utility
  • Batch Encoding, AppleScript and More
    • Batch encoding with Handbrake and AppleScript - great for automating your video encoding processes.

Blue Microphones Snowball USB Microphone (White) are great for podcasting if you are thinking of starting your own podcast.

Mac Break WeeklyMacBreak Weekly

This show is part of the Twit Network and is hosted by Leo Laporte. Andy Ihnakto, the technology columnist of the Chicago Sun Times would be a regular guest. Alex Lindsay is another host of the show. This can be an annoying show as the main guy, the star of the show, is always talking over the top of the other guests and often makes inane comments. MacBreak Weekly is a news show and if the news is light that week, then rumour mongering or a rubbish show is what you get. If you want a more sensible view of the news then listen to The MacCast with Adam Christiansen. Despite the show’s short comings, it is a popular show and some people like the format of it. The running time for a show can be around 100 minutes. In show 246 called ‘Now Calling Cali Lewis’ they were talking about the rumour of Nuance (Dragon Dictate) being sold and about the ARM processors rumours, that have surfaced recently. They do love to guess at what might happen in the future.

Mac AttackThe Mac Attack

Steve Stanger runs this one and it did run into some pod fade, so wasn’t around for a while. Seems to be back in full swing now. In show 115 he talked about iPad English Qwerty keyboard and tips for taking photos with an iOS device, the tap to focus and how the shutter button works. The last episode was mostly about the iPhone, iPod and iPad devices and tips to get the best from them. Such as how to rename an iOS folder, how to scroll to the top, fast and other small tips. As with the other podcasts in this list, you will often find tips on the web site that are not in the podcasts. Steve gives a tip on the site for instance, about how to do a trick in TextExpander to mimic something that you can do in iOS really easily. You can make TextExpander use a snippet that will put in a full stop when you type in two space characters.

MacWorld PodcastMacWorld Podcast

Jason Snell and Chris Breen from MacWorld do a podcast that is part of a much bigger magazine site that has articles on everything regarding Apple News, reviews, help & tips and a forum. The shows vary in length from about 20 minutes to 54 minutes. The show from 4th May 2011 they talked bout the new iMacs. This is very much a Apple news podcast, but has some tips and help for Mac users also. They do spend a fair bit of time promoting the dead tree issues of the magazine, that you have to leave the house for and buy at a news stand.

To find any of these podcasts the best place to look is in the iTunes Store.