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Make A List

It seems as though making a list is a little overrated, but it's definitely the number one thing to do if you need to get stuff done. Your minds are filled with many things that we would like to do in a day, however if we don't take time to make a plan...well you'll plan to fail. It's true.

Keep your list short and manageable. Create a new list everyday and include anything you wanted to do the previous day and didn't get a chance to on your current list.  Think of the time you will need to invest to get things done. If you have only ten minutes there's no need in starting a project that's clearly going to take you three hours to complete.

If you're working on various projects it may help to create a list for each project and pick a task to complete every day. For instance, my project list looks something like book marketing, art for Etsy shop, article writing, etc. I have a master list and I list things in priority and work on a task everyday. If I tried to do them all in one day I would get nothing done and the work would be sub par.  That's just one example of how to handle lists.  If you want to get stuff done, make sure you have one.

Ask For Help

If no one is offering their help, maybe it's because they don't know you need it. If you need to paint the living room and you have kids, ask for a baby sitter. If you need help painting the wall ask someone. Don't twiddle your thumbs and hope that eventually you'll get the job done because it won't achieve anything. After writing your lists think of anything that could be used as an excuse and deal with it, that includes asking for help.

Stop and Do

Anything that's taking away from you being able to complete something on your list, just stop it. If you're an aspiring freelancer, stop reading articles online about everyone else's success or the things you need to do to become a freelancer. Stop studying and start doing something. The quickest way to getting stuff done is to actually do something.

Wake Up Early or Stay Up Late

I know many advise against staying up late, but for some that is the best time of day to get stuff done. It's easier for some mom's and dad's to get stuff done while the kids are in the bed. Some folks are just natural night owls. Some are early birds. Whichever one works for you, let it work. Staying up late isn't the worst thing in the world when it's going to help you check cleaning out the refrigerator, painting a wall, or writing a chapter in your book off the list.

Forget About Your List

Now this may seem counterproductive, but sometime the best thing you can do is forget about your list and unwind. Being pent-up with frustration and stressed about the things you don't get accomplished is not helping your productivity. If you've worked on project for a long time and the task continues to beat you down, taking a break will give you an opportunity to regroup. Chances are you're taking a beating because you're trying to do too much at one time. Take a breather and forget about your list.

Say No To Some Things

It's absolutely impossible for one person to be everything to everyone. It's also impossible to expect your self to take on the burden of doing absolutely everything. People will ask for things and you may expect certain things of yourself. But sometimes it's just best to say no to extra stuff. That includes yourself.

This definitely isn't an all-inclusive list to getting things done, but it's a very great start.  Make a mental note of the aformentioned and make a conscious effort to incorporate them into your daily way of handling things.  I'm pretty sure you have plenty of things sitting on your list right now that need taking care of so hop off the net and go get something accomplished.

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