If you are looking for some ideas to bring the romance back to your relationship? Here are seven ways to help you rekindle the flame and attract romance back into your relationship.

1. Have a romantic attitude

You are more likely to attract romance into your life if you first adopt a romantic attitude. For instance, make more effort with the way you dress, ask your partner what aftershave or perfume they like you to wear and use that, offer to do the things your partner loves.

2. Let your partner know your desires

Don't hold back in letting your partner know that you want to spend quality time with them. Don't presume that they know or understand how you are feeling. Talk to them about your desires for your relationship in a loving way, using kind and loving words whilst avoiding whining, being demanding, and or being manipulative so as to create a loving atmosphere.

3. Be a great listener

Listening to your partner is probably the number one way to make them feel appreciated and loved. Let them know that you have heard them and understand what they are saying, responding positively and with compassion and love to what they are trying to communicate to you.

4. Let truth rule

In any relationship if you are concealing something, you immediately lose a connection with your partner. It is far better to be honest with each other. By doing this you will gain an intimacy that you wouldn't have had before.

5. Understand your partner

Everyone of us is different. The way we like to receive love may different from the way our partner appreciates it. For instance, I appreciate touch as a sign of love, but my partner likes to talk and be listened to. Find out what your partner likes and give them love in the way they appreciate. What you think they like may be different from the reality of the situation. Ask them what they like and don't like, they'll appreciate it.

6. Learn to enjoy every moment

Treasure the you spend time together, whether it's over a candle lit dinner, or over your kids late night diaper changing. Create memories that will last, by vowing to treat every moment as it were your last together. It's this kind of attitude that will help create real a closeness and bond between you.

7. Have fun together

When was the last time you had fun with your partner? Something like playing a game, watching a funny movie, or going to a theme park. Its amazing how laughing and having fun together can bring out the romance in your relationship. It will make you feel closer and more connected. If it's been a while since you've had fun together, carve out some time today.

These seven ideas can just be a stating point, and I hope they've been of some help to you. There are countless more ways that you can bring the romance back into your relationship which I'm sure you could think of.