The styles and fashions of the 70's are coming back for another visit. The dress of the 70's was sometimes a show of personal freedom, as young people seemed to be rebelling against almost anyone or anything that would dare to tell them how to act or even dress. Wearing clothes like frayed jeans and other "sloppy" fashions was a simple way to make a statement against authority. Tie dyed blouses and t-shirts became a popular alternative to the much more conservative fashions of decades past. The t-shirts especially, have remained popular through the decades that followed. Young women of the 70s changed fashion in a big way when the mini-skirt caught on. The shockingly high hemlines were like nothing any young lady would have worn in previous years. Women made a strong push to be seen as liberated equals to men during the 70's. Their rather risque clothing choices were just part of this expression.

As the decade rolled on to its mid-point, another fashion that would define the decade caught on with people in their teens and twenties. Bell bottom jeans and other trousers with a massively flared opening at the bottom caught on with people. The look has become connected with 70's fashion in a way that is almost a stereotype. Although the bell bottom look faded away as the decade ended,bell bottoms will always be thought of when 70's fashion is mentioned.

There was good and bad that came out of 70's fashion. Some designs probably should never have seen the light of day, but it was all part of the trip that has brought us where we are now. Designers tried to sell women on the idea of wearing ponchos as fashionable accessories. The idea did not draw the reaction designers wanted. Many men of the day now regret taking the bait and wearing colorful leisure suits during the decade. Many just shake their heads when photos of them, wearing the polyester monstrosities appear at family events. When we look back at 70's clothes, we might shake our heads and laugh, but in the end, it was a time that drastically altered the fashion sense of society.