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Everyone faces hard financial times at some point or another. It is during these times that they need places that help pay rent to get them through.

When you need places that help pay rent, look to first state assistance programs, then federal assistance programs, and then lastly look to independent organizations as well as charities. There are also unique foreclosure rights that all tenants should know if the landlord is forcing a foreclosure.

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For state assistance places that help pay rent, you can turn to state government and local government organizations. They are available to help you pay your rent, help you pay your security deposit, and to help with your housing expenses. In the state of Massachusetts, tenants can use RAFT for a rental assistance program. In Texas, tenants can turn to TDHCA for rental assistance. In the state of Florida, you can get help paying your rent through the EFAHP program. For the state of Connecticut, there is RAP for help paying your rent. If you live in another state, you can seek help from the Assistance Agencies and Programs located in your specific state.

Federal Government Financial Assistance

For other places that help pay rent, turn to the federal government. The government has offered billions in housing assistance and rent assistance after the stimulus program. The rent assistance is distributed throughout each state government and local government, as such in order to get help paying your rent from the Homeless Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program, contact rent programs located in your state, your city, as well as your county. 


In terms of the federal places that help pay rent, the Housing and Urban Development organization was established to provide nearly 1.5 million families with help paying their rent and paying their security deposits. The organization offers grants to offset the cost of rent by providing families with a Rental Voucher Program. This program increases the housing options for families who want to privately select rentals. The USDA Rural Development organization offers help to rural families by providing rental assistance. They also offer the same rental assistance to elderly who are residents of a multiunit housing building, disabled residents, and low-income residents.

Veteran Loans

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If you are a veteran, then you can get help paying your rent from the Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing Program. You can find places that help pay rent through rental assistance vouchers as well as help with paying security deposits for veterans and their families. There are also free legal services which offer counsel for those dealing with an eviction notice. You can find free assistance, paid for by the Legal Services Corp as part of the federal government’s housing aid. In terms of the federal government, there are also private organizations that offer grants from the government to help you pay your rent.

For assistance in terms of preventing eviction, the federal government offers programs in conjunction with state governments, local governments, non-profit organizations, as well as charities. These programs seek to ensure that low income and moderate income families are taking the necessary steps to prevent being evicted from their homes, or being charged with a lawsuit. Some of these programs also attempt to stop a foreclosure by providing resources for landlord-tenant assessments, mediation, conflict resolution, rental assistance, and direct rent payments for tenants in need.

Short Term Loans to Pay the Rent

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When you need to find other places that help you pay your rent, you can look to short term loans. Everyone understands the stress that financial strain can cause, especially when they need to pay for rent. This stress might be something that you anticipate, or a month when your expenses outweigh your income, or even a moment when the expected takes place and you have nowhere else to turn. It is important to avoid bad credit scores by making late payments but asking to borrow money from friends or family is far from pleasant. When you are facing a large and unexpected repair bill or a last minute car bill it can cause a lot of stress, especially if you can’t afford it right now and don’t have a credit card. The most stressful of all financial situations is when you have to pay for something and find that you are left with no money to pay for rent or not enough money to cover both emergency situations and rent in the first place.

Thankfully you can get fast cash payday advance loans. With online cash advances you can cover your unexpected expense and pay back the local payday loan lenders with your next paycheck automatically.  With online cash advances the money is directly deposited into your bank account and then on payday, the online cash advances are taken back out of your bank account with interest. With local payday loan lenders you are offered a viable alternative to maxing out your credit card or borrowing money from a friend. Local payday loan lenders provide you with money you need when you need it. The loan is also called a fast cash payday advance or an online cash advance. No matter the name, the deferred-deposit check loan is a short term loan with high interest that can save you in desperate times. 

Reasons to Get Cash Advance Loans

There are many reasons to get online cash advances. If you find yourself short of the money you need unexpectedly, if there was a death in the family, you have expected travels, you received an unexpected medical bill, or your car broke down and you need an immediate repair, you need a fast cash payday advance. However, you might also need cash to tide you over until your next paycheck for basic necessities such as rent, utilities, or groceries. No matter your reason, getting a fast cash payday advance is a great way to receive online cash advances within twenty four hours. 

It is not recommended that you utilize payday loans frequently, but using them for those times when you need money the most to pay for rent and avoid an eviction can offer you a viable alternative. There are many benefits to using a fast cash payday advance. For instance, local payday loan lenders don’t require a credit check. You are able to apply for a fast cash payday advance online, in person, or over the phone and in less than twenty minutes you can complete the process. Other benefits include receiving the money from the local payday loan lenders within twenty four hours. The process involves no third party and is therefore very discreet. Another positive aspect to utilizing the quick and simple process from local payday loan lenders is that your financial information is secured and not shared with other parties, bringing you peace of mind during a difficult financial time.


When you need places that help pay rent, you can turn to many facilities. There are federal stimulus programs which offer legal help and financial help, as well as state government organizations, local government organizations, charities, and non-profit organizations, among other places that help pay rent.