Microsoft added virtual desktops, a revamped Start menu, Cortana and more besides to Windows 10. However, there are still a number of things that the big M should consider adding to the OS. These are several things that should be added to Windows.

File Explorer Folder Tabs

Microsoft added a new Quick Access area to Windows 10's File Explorer. However, Explorer  still lacks folder tabs. As such, you can still only open up one folder at a time. Some of the third-party file managers for Windows include folder tabs in them. So this is something that should also be included in the default File Explorer. For now, you can add tabs to FE with Clover.

Context Menu Customization Options

Context menus are a big part of the Windows OS. When you right-click the desktop, file or software shortcut, a context menu opens with various options on it. You can customize those context menus by editing the registry or with third-party software packages. However, it would be better if there were already options and settings included within Windows with which you could add new shortcuts and options to the context menus with.

A Text Box App Launcher

Run is a Windows utility that you can open things such as the Registry Editor, Command Prompt and MSConfig with. You can also open third-party software packages with it, but need to make registry edits for each program to open in Run. It would be somewhat better if Microsoft added an app launcher that you could open all your software and apps with by entering their titles in its text box without any registry edits required. This would be like the Launchy app launcher for Windows 10.

Macro Recording Options

Macros are something included within office suites. With those you can record a sequence of selected options and then play them back. Macros would also be a great addition to the Windows OS. Then you could record a macro to open a group of software packages, and assign a shortcut key to it. Alternatively, you could record macros that select and apply certain themes when you press their hotkeys.

A Revamped Notepad

The Notepad is one of the more neglected accessories in Windows. It's a very basic text editor that could do with a revamp. For example, it could include lots more formatting options, note tabs, syntax highlighting and numbered lines. There are numerous third-party Notepad alternatives such as Notepad ++ that are somewhat better than the Windows text editor.


Mac OS X includes Stacks that stacks and groups subfolders and shortcuts into a dock on the desktop. This would be a handy addition to the Windows 10 desktop, but it's not something incorporated into the platform yet. Windows software such as 7stacks replicates the Stacks in Mac OS X.

Uninstall Option on Software Shortcut Context Menus

You can usually select a Delete option from files' right-click context menus in Windows. So why not include an Uninstall option on software shortcut context menus? Then you could remove software by right-clicking icons on the desktop or Start menu. You can add an Uninstall option to the context menus in Windows with third-party programs such as Menu Uninstaller Ultra, but this is an option that should already be included.

Those are a few of the extra things that Microsoft should consider incorporating into Windows platforms. As mentioned, there are a few third-party packages you can try out to add these things to Windows until Microsoft adds them to the OS.