If you are a hand knitter, and are thinking of stepping up to a knitting machine, but are not quite ready for those computerized and expensive models just yet, then why not try this Sew Easy Knitting Machine?

Sew Easy Knitting Machine
Amazon Price: $59.99 Buy Now
(price as of Sep 14, 2018)
makes a great gift for yourself too!


Before you laugh, and say, "that is for kids" yes, it was designed for ages 8 years old and up. But it is actually a very fun little machine. Don't let the word "machine" fool you either, there is nothing to plug in. It is totally a manual gadget with a crank that does the work.

Easy Threading

You simply thread your yarn (eyelash yarn is included in the kit) works well, so if you replace the yarn, you should use the same weight for this machine to work its best. The instructions recommend you use even and smooth yarns, so junky yarns are not good on this little gadget.


Once you have read the instructions, and thread your yarn on to the machine around the hooks, then you slowly crank the machine and it knits! There are many project ideas included in this kit, and it is not just for kids. Even though it is a bright pink color, anyone over the age of 8 can use this to make some great knitted projects.

It reminds me of a more modern version of "knitting Nancy" or "spool knitting" like you would do with a old wooden spool and 4 nails. (I am dating myself!). It can easily knit a tube scarf in 1/2 an hour.


Sew Easy Knitting Machine
Amazon Price: $59.99 Buy Now
(price as of Sep 14, 2018)

Do Not Push The Crank Too Fast

The trick is to not push the crank to fast or you will risk losing stitches. You need to try and create a consistent pace, and slowly feed in the wool. Also pull down on the project as you go so that the stitches do not back up. You can set this to either knit tubes (which work well for mittens and tube scarves etc) or you can set it to knit flat pieces, that can be sewn together afterwards into other projects.

You can also change colors as you go. You just have to be careful with the knot and make sure it feeds into the unit and gets hidden in the project. You can't go to fast with this crank. So, once you have figured out the best speed for cranking and feeding in the wool, then the project knits before your eyes.


This would need some parent supervision for a child. Even though it is recommended for 8 years old and up, it would be a good idea to help them get started, and show them how it is done.

But this is would also make a great gift for a teenager, or any knitter, who would like to try something a little different and fun to use. There is no electrical power needed, and you can take this anywhere you go.  Great for rainy day projects.

It comes with a project idea book, which are good to make when you first get it, but you could probably come up with many other cool ideas with this, especially with the flat pieces. If you are looking for some great gift ideas for that creative person or crafter on your list then check this little unit out and have some fun with it.

If you are going to give this as a gift, you could add more eyelash wool to the gift, so that they can make lots of fun things. But don't just think of this gift for kids, because it creates some beautiful and even pieces.

Read Instructions Carefully

Read through all the instructions first, including how to cast off. You will be pleased with this kit. Instead of buying it for a gift for others, you could buy yourself one, and create the great gifts from this little machine in no time.

You can buy these in department stores, craft stores and online. Start researching now and get a good price, and get started on this fun little hobby. You will be happy with the Sew Easy Knitting Machine.