If you are looking for sewer contractors you are most likely looking for a contractor who will repair, clean, replace, and/or inspect your sewer line (the tubing which carries waste water from your house to the city tanks). Sewer contractors and plumbing contractors are one and the same. As such you simply need to search for "plumbing" in your local business directory to find someone who will do the work for you. In regards to your sewer line, there's a very good chance that you can do the work yourself, with the help of a little elbow grease. Say you need a sewer line replacement or a new one for an additional bathroom. A sewer contractor can very well give you a quote for $5,000. Rather than outright paying them $5,000, within a week you can dig out the canal so that you can replace your sewer line. The reason that many contractors charge a lot when dealing with the sewer line is because it requires a lot of digging.

One of the more common reasons why you may need a "sewer" contractor is because you have roots on your sewer line. The roots or trees love sewer lines because they have water and the soil around them is relatively loose. If a root makes a home in your sewer line, you may very well have to hire a sewer contractor to do a very expensive repair (around $2,000, maybe more depending on the extent of the damage). One way to prevent root problems is by going to your local home improvement store to buy copper sulfate. You can send the solution down to the roots causing the problem. Go to your city office to find out where your sewer line is and then start pouring the copper sulfate into the ground. Aside from going to your city you can also ask a plumber to help you find them as he'll have cameras which can pinpoint the sewer line's exact location. You're also going to want to make sure that you don't hit any electrical wires that may be in the ground. Rather than just sprinkling the copper sulfate on the front lawn you're going to have to get an auger and drills holes that will stop about 2 feet on top of the sewer line. Once the holes are drilled you have to put PVC pipes in their place and later pour down the copper sulfate crystals. When the crystals are inside the pipe you'll have to pour down hot water to dissolve them. If you want to use these installed pipes in the future you can make a lid for the top of the pipe(s) so that you can use them indefinitely.

Pouring copper sulfate into the ground can help prevent the services of a sewer contractor. But what if you already have root problems? If your toilet has problems flushing it may be a sign that roots have gotten into your sewer line. You can try flushing copper sulfate down the toilet and see what happens. If this doesn't work out, you'll have to hire a plumber to do an inspection for you.

If you are forced to use the services of a sewer or plumbing contractor you have to make sure that you shop around. A lot of plumbers know that you are pretty desperate and will try to rip you off. If you get quotes from multiple plumbers you will you get a good idea of how much the repair or replacement will cost you. You will also don't have to worry about someone overcharging you.