If you love to sew, and would like to sew for a business, then having a specialty niche works well, and makes money. If you are a plus size girl yourself, you can consider sewing for the plus sizes as a business.

If you have managed to find plus size sewing patterns that work well, then why not advertise your services to other plus size women, who would prefer the quality of well made clothing? They can pick the pattern and have some control of what they want, but you can make it fit them well.

One of the first pieces of equipment you will need for a sewing business, is not only a decent sewing machine (which you probably already have) but a dress form. A dress form can be adjusted to the exact measurements of your clients, and therefore you can create beautiful well made plus size fashions that will fit their unique measurements.Singer DF151 Adjustable Dress Form, Red, Medium

If you enjoy sewing, and alterations, then sewing for plus sizes can turn into a great business. Many plus size women have a hard time getting fitted for off the rack clothes, especially if they may be looking for a special occasion outfit, such as a cocktail dress or something similar, or maybe they are a plus size petite. Sewing for Plus Sizes: Creating Clothes that Fit and Flatter

Having a room setup in your house works well. You can then leave your work out for the next day, without fear of it being messed with. So, clear out a area, and make sure you have good lighting, and invest in a dress form that can change to the plus sizes to help you with your sewing business.

Getting a good book on this type of business helps too, as well as access to many plus size sewing patterns. You can get them online. But many times the customer has a pattern in mind. Start by sending them to the sewing stores and get them to look at the plus size books and pick something they like.

You can then create and adjust the style as needed to fit your client. You will have to help them with picking the right fabric that would best suit them and the style.

So, starting a sewing business for the plus sizes, means you should also have a flare for the fashions in the plus size market. It wouldn't hurt to get some fashion magazines and other books to help keep up with the ever changing trends.

With more and more plus size models walking the fashion runways now, there are more and more designs on the market, not only in the retail stores, but also filtering down into the sewing patterns. It used to be difficult to find plus size sewing patterns that had some kind of style, that were not just baggy and shapeless, but things are changing.

So, if you have ever considered starting a sewing business, then why not consider specializing? Sewing for the plus sizes, is one great niche, as more than 65% of North American women are considered plus size, you should be able to find a few clients, who are tired of the styles they try on in the store. Or maybe they found a style they like but it just doesn't fit quite right. Alterations, is another great niche in this market. Many of the styles may be too long or not enough room in the sleeves. If you love a challenge, then altering plus size clothes to fit your client works too. You could end up creating something unique for them with the alterations.

If you have plus size friends, why not start with them? Get them in from the beginning to the end, including any fittings. See if you like this process before you start to advertise.

Sewing for plus sizes as a business - word or mouth is a great advertiser. Sew something really nice for your friends. Let them show it off at work, before you know it you will be getting calls. Quality, products are wanted. So, consider sewing for the plus sizes as a great home business and find your niche in the home business market.