Lose a button off your lucky shirt? Did that crucial top button pop off your suit pants? Do your kids manage to put holes in everything they own? Don't throw these items away or put them in the "donate" pile (the needy require buttons too you know!). Sure you may have collected some of grandma's mending materials over the years, but likely it's buried in a drawer somewhere. Who has time to dig when you desperately need that lucky shirt for an interview? In the same way hotels provide miniature sewing kits for such emergencies, why not be just as prepared in your own home. With a few simple supplies, you will never have to dangerously dig for needles again. This sewing kit in a jar has a pin cushion top and is the perfect place to keep all the essentials for a quick repair.

Sewing Kit in a Jar

You Will Need:

1 Large Jam Jar (with snap lid and ring)

1 small piece of fabric (1" larger than the circumference of lid)

Small handful of cotton balls or batting

Hot Glue Gun

1) Plug in glue gun to warm up.

2) Lay fabric face down on work surface. Place a small amount of cotton in the center.

3) Place snap lid, top down on the cotton and pull around. Slide the ring portion of the lid over the batting/fabric, and pull fabric taut.

4) Trim any excess fabric. Glue the fabric to the underside of the lid, making sure to maintain a bulge on top. (Duct tape will also hold fabric if you don't have a glue gun)

Once you've finished the pin cushion top, collect or purchase a selection of tools and materials for any emergency. This might include:

Sewing Needles (various sizes)

Seam Ripper

Small Scissors

Sewing Pins

Various Shades of Thread (black, white, blue, pink, brown, etc)

Various Patches

Safety Pins


More often than not, any garment you purchase that has one or more buttons, it will likely come with an extra button or two. Make sure to add these buttons to your sewing jar, so you'll be able to find a quick match when necessary.