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Sex Offenders In My Area! Keep The Neighborhood Kids Safe!

By Edited Nov 13, 2013 1 5

Take a look through the National Registry, and you will wonder why are there so many sex offenders in my area? It's not uncommon at all. They are registered in my neighborhood, too. If you are familiar with the Watchdog website, you already know how to find the locations and pictures of those registered near you. If you are not familiar with the site, log on to familywatchdog.us, and you will find tons of sex offenders in my area, and your neighborhood, too. How do you protect your children from the subjects registered? How do you make sure your kids are safe? Many of those listed committed sexual crimes against children, so it's important to make sure your kids are familiar with some safety tips, and stay away from the sex offenders in your area. I keep my kids away from the ones registered in my neighborhood as well.

Check out the site:

Visit the Family Watchdog site, listed above and find the exact locations of the registered sex offenders in your area and neighborhood. You will find the site to be quite informative. You can find a map of them, with a color coded chart, so you know what kind of sexual crime they committed. Browse through the site, paying special attention to exact locations and addresses. Jot them down. Now you need to see the homes of the sex offenders in my area, and yours. Your neighborhood is likely full of them.

Take a drive:

Once I jotted down the locations of the registered sex offenders in my area, I took a quick drive through the neighborhood. I wanted to see the homes that they lived in, so I could form more of a mental picture. It really helps when you have a mental picture of the homes to associate with the sex offenders in your area. I would recommend checking out all the places in the neighborhood where you children go, so you can know exactly where they are, and what to look out for.

Plan alternate routes:

You will ask yourselfhow can the kids avoid the sex offenders in my area? If the kids in your neighborhood walk to school, you should make sure they have a clear path, free of the people and homes registered on the site. Try to find alternate routes for your children to take to school, so they are safe from the registered sex offenders in your area. There are likely many roads the kids can take in the neighborhood that are much safer.

You will want to find alternate routes for your kids to use, if necessary, when the go and play with other kids in the neighborhood. It really helps if you simply drive or walk the route your children take, so you can see the houses with registered sex offenders in your area. If they are on the route, try to find an alternate path.

Think about the route carefully:

Use caution when you plan alternate routes to avoid sex offenders in your area. You will not want your children to take a path that goes through unlit streets at night. Dark allies would not be advisable. In some rare cases, it may be best for them to walk by the homes of those registered in your neighborhood, assuming they are busy, will lit areas. Use caution. Never forget to check out the alternate route during the day and night, so you can see the lighting on the streets.

Show the kids the new routes:

You may need to ride or drive them several times through the new routes, to avoid the sex offenders in the area. Make sure they are completely and totally comfortable with the new routes. They may be seeing parts of the neighborhood for the first time, so you really need to make absolutely certain they are comfortable with the paths selected. There are many sex offenders in my area, and I'm sure your neighborhood is the same way.

The buddy system:

Tell your kids about the importance of using the buddy system whenever possible. Kids should avoid the sex offenders in the area. When they have a buddy walking with them, it's generally a little safer, at least in most cases. Make sure to pair your child up with responsible kids, when possible, so they stay safe from sex offenders in my area. Talk to the other parents in the neighborhood as well.

Should I show them the homes?

I showed my kids the homes and locations of the sex offenders in my area that were registered on the site. My kids were fairly young at the time, so I didn't get into too much detail. This is really a judgment call each parent must make. I would suggest at least showing them the homes to avoid, so they can steer clear of the sex offenders in my area, and stay in the safer spots of the neighborhood.

Should I show them the pictures?

The sex offenders in my area have picture to view. Your neighborhood will have many registered in your neighborhood as well. This, once again, is really up to the parent to decide. If your kids are older, it may be wise. If you decide to show them the pictures, you may want to show them the home associated with each of the registered sex offenders in the area. This way they have two things to watch out for, and hopefully, will keep them a little safer.

Other safety considerations:

Battery free flashlights are a great thing for any young kid to have when walking or riding a bike at night. You can get crank lights and shake lights for a couple bucks these days. It may help keep your kids safe from the sex offenders in my area, and your neighborhood.

Cell phones are a good thing for times like these. Be sure your kid knows how to dial 911. In addition, cell phones are not nearly as easily tracked as people tend to think. I'm a Jail Guard, and I work in the 911 dispatch center at times. You get nothing more than a general location, sometimes only within miles, from the triangulation methods used to track some of the phones, depending on the providers. Be sure you kid can tell the dispatcher where they are at all times.

Air horns or whistles can be effective tools as well for protection for sex offenders in my area. If all the kids in the neighborhood knew to use only in an emergency, and other parents were made aware of it, it could save a life. Those hearing the noise in their homes would know there could be trouble. Sex offenders in my area are crafty, so you need to be a crafty neighborhood to keep kids safe.

Keeping kids safe from sex offenders in my area is quite important to me. You should take note of your neighborhood and make sure you know where the registered ones are.



Nov 10, 2009 11:37am
You're definitely poised to bring home the contest top prize again this month, Jason! Great job!...what you've been doing is unprecedented, and definitely an inspiration to new, and old, Info Barrel members alike!.....
Nov 10, 2009 11:49am
I'm glad I have insomnia at times. I popped out a few articles in the middle of the night when I couldn't sleep.

I could use those Amazon bucks again. Christmas is just around the corner.
Nov 10, 2009 12:07pm
how long did it take you to get your Gift cards, in the past, Jason? I may have to hound Ryan and Kevin....lol....I have yet to see mine from October....I know they are good for it....just need to hound them a bit....lol
Nov 10, 2009 12:54pm
I sent emails near the end of the following month.

It wasn't an issue. I got them, spent them, and now want more of them.

They have a small staff, which allows them to pay up to 90% of Adsense. Just send them and email, and you'll get your gift card.
Nov 3, 2010 9:55am
Wow! This is a very informative post. Thank you for this, this would be a great help. I also know another site that could help you identify the sex offenders near your area as well as the crimes that happened near your area. Their website is http://safekidzone.com/ I hope this would also help you in giving protection to your kids. This is one of the safety precautions I provided to my kid to make sure that she is safe at all times.
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