Sexual Exploitation is Abuse

Sexual Exploitation is the manipulation and the control of a person into taking part in sexual activities that they would normal consider offensive or corrupt.  It comes in the class of sexual abuse. Many victims become targets and playthings for predators and human traffickers.

Most victims will be vulnerable on some level on meeting the perpetrator of sexual exploitation and in need of help in some way. The perpetrator will come across as and prince/princess who will solve all their problems and keep them safe. This is the first stage of abuse where the perpetrator grooms their victim.

The first stage “Ensnaring”

During this stage the perpetrator will lavish thier victim with attention and gifts. Buying them clothes, food, alcohol, drugs or offer a roof over their head.  The perpetrator in this stage will make every effort to make their victim feel safe, protected and cared for. After a while a sexual relationship may occur or the mirror the image of a loving caring parent, it is from this point that the perpetrator will start to create a dependency.

The second stage “Creating a Dependency”

During this stage of sexual exploitation the perpetrator will gradually destroy ties that the victim has with people. Making excuses why they cannot visit family or friends and offer a better opportunity like going for a meal or some venue that the victim may have talked about. What the perpetrator is doing in this stage is segmenting the victim from all their social connections, which will go unnoticed. The victim then starts to lose contact with friends and family making their own excuse for not being around, slowly breaking all ties.  All the time the victim will become more dependent on the perpetrator as a way of survival.

The third stage “Taking Control”

This stage is where the perpetrator will start to control every aspect of the victim’s life. They will start to dictate what the victim wears, what they eat, who the can see and when they can see them. The victim will feel elements of fear, but due to the dependency the fear of leaving will be greater. If at any point the perpetrator sees resistance and challenge they will grant small privileges and introduce alcohol or substance as a way of control and undermining the resistance that the victim is displaying.

The fourth Stage is “Total Dominance”

Once this stage has been reach the perpetrator has total control over the victim who will be willing to do anything.  The willing victim will agree to whatever the perpetrator demands as a way of keeping them happy and reducing any level of physical abuse and real threats of violence that will be occurring.  This is where the perpetrator will introduce the sexual exploitation of prostitution, sex tapes, multiple partner experiences and many more that will be degrading for the victim and very difficult to escape from.

Very few people are in the sex industry, as a chosen profession from childhood. Most are blindfolded in the hands of a perpetrator through sexual exploitation and abuse on some level. Furthermore the victim would have escaped from other forms of abuse like extreme deprivation, abuse or neglect, which attracted the perpetrator at the start of the realtionship.