There are countless articles that discuss the basic staples for every woman’s wardrobe, items that are timeless and fit into any style.  Sometimes though, these basics need a little extra oomph, a little oh la la, if you will.  Here are basics you need in your wardrobe to add a bit of sex appeal to your day-to-day:

Platform Heels

These babies give you height with less pain, as the added bit at the balls of your feet lessen the angle of your feet in the shoes.  Plus the extra shoe at the end helps to make your legs look longer.  It’s a win-win really.


Fishnet Stockings

These risqué accessories aren’t just for your boudoir: they look great with knee-length skirts and heels.  Fishnets can give you that wow factor amid your prim-and-proper work attire.



A flattering fit for any shape, haltertops gather your ladies together to make some nice cleavage, and show off your neck, shoulders, and back.  Classic leading ladies of the 40s and 50s (Marilyn Monroe, Rita Hayworth, etc) swore by haltertops.


Jersey Dresses

Jersey is a fabric that clings to your body in all the right places without veering into inappropriate-for-work territory.  A dress made of Jersey is perfect for staying classy while showing off what you’ve got.


Knee-High Boots

Must-haves for looking sexy in the wintertime.  Pair with snug-fitting jeans for a polished look that can still knock some socks off.


Cinch Belts

Whether you have curves or want to appear that you do, a cinch belt is your best friend.  Find a few with different looks so you have a variety, then pair them with dresses and oversize blouses.  Not only do they help define your waist, but they give the ability to create many different outfits without spending a lot of money.


Long Earrings

Your neck is an erogenous zone, so by bringing attention to it, you create a faint air of sexuality about you.  Long, thin earrings draw the eye to your neck without distracting from it.


Lace Tops and Dresses

Lace brings to mind decadent sexiness.  Even a small bit of lace, perhaps some trim, on an otherwise normal top takes it to the level of seductive.


Wrap Dress

A mainstay in most wardrobe staples lists, the wrap dress hugs all your curves in a classy way.  Not to mention the mere suggestion that the only thing keeping it on you is a single knot....


Blue Jean Skirt

Classic American style that showcases your legs and matches any top.  Laid-back and casual can be sexy too!


Pencil Skirt

This is one item of clothing EVERY woman, no matter her shape or style, must have.  The pencil skirt creates an hourglass figure on any frame and gives the wearer a take-charge, polished look.