sexy Christmas boots

Those cold winter nights spent waiting for Santa to slide down the chimney can be made much hotter with a great pair of sexy Christmas shoes or sexy Christmas boots. Themed wardrobes are always fun and can make for a truly memorable holiday season whether worn in public or as a private present to that special someone. There are many great companies offering sexy Christmas shoes and sexy Christmas boots both online and in a traditional setting. For anyone looking to add some sizzle and spice and everything nice to this Christmas holiday than investing in some festive footwear may just fit the bill.

Choosing sexy Christmas shoes

The wonderful thing about getting a pair of hot pumps or heels to celebrate the season is the usability of them beyond just the holiday. There are stack pumps with candy cane stripes and other specifically themed patterns and there are also heels with jingles bells and other fun accessories that will brighten any day.

There are other shoes that can add some holiday kick, but still be put to use at other times of the year. Romantic nights at home may call for a pair of fire engine red stilletos or pumps that can be teemed with some Mrs. Santa Claus naughty nighties and these same shoes will work well for you at the local disco or night on the town. Likewise, a more conservative person may opt for a velveteen flat or heel in red, green or black to complement a Christmas themed outfit. Stylish bows in grosgrain ribbon or shiny silver can dress them up further. These type of sexy Christmas shoes can also be used year round in a variety or dress situations.

Choosing sexy Christmas boots

The same rule that applies to shoes can also work for boots. A fun way to celebrate the holiday is with any variety of elf style ankle or calf boots. Many of these come in festive colors and patterns and have design features like curled toes, tiny silver jingle bells and scalloped tops to mimic the true elf style. Again, these can be paired with various costumes or lingerie. Some people avoid these types of sexy Christmas boots because of the cost-per-use. They really are obviously for the holiday.

There are many types of boots that can be purchased that still have some holiday flare, but can also be used year round both for when you are feeling romantic or just feel like dressing up. There are a variety of leather, pleather and patent leather tall go-go style boots that are very cute with a Santa themed outfit. These boots range from knee-length all the way to mid thigh. How bold are you? The colors typically chosen for a Mrs. Claus outfit are red, black, or even white. A pair of thigh high boots paired with some Christmas apparel or nighties make for a striking entrance.

Buying sexy Christmas boots and sexy Christmas shoes

Like any great present, the best thing about this festive footwear is the surprise and 'wow' factor. For those who live in a small town, many online retailers sell a wide range of sizes and styles that will meet the Christmas criteria. Be careful about the fit and do not hesitate to call or email for additional measurements. Those holiday dwellers in more urban areas can check vintage clothing shops, costume shops, or any large shoe store. It is highly likely that you can find several pair that will fit the bill this Yuletide season.

The Christmas season tends to bring out the best in people and it can be a very special time for couples. Extra holiday and vacation time, bonuses and great spirit make for a relaxed atmosphere just right for romance. A little nudge is always appreciated and the cost does not have to be prohibitive. Sexy Christmas boots can easily be bought for less than a hundred dollars, although some top end boots will run more. Likewise, sexy Christmas shoes are very affordable and can range from ten dollars for costumey cloth slipper to around fifty dollars for some seriously sexy pumps. The value added to your love life will be well worth the upfront cost. This holiday season treat yourself to some great footwear that you can share with that special person in your life. The hottest thing in the room will be YOU and not the Yule log!

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