• Allows women who are 40 and above to take control of their lives
  • Assures women more than 40 that weight gain is unavoidable as the body ages
  • Gives women who are 40 and above many different solutions based on her individual lifestyle and situation
  • Helps women to develop more self-confidence
  • Helps women 40 and over understand the role between their environment, dietary choices and hormones and how each plays a role in her weight issues



  • The program is limited in its scope, meaning it is focused on women-especially women over 40
  • It may be too technical for some-in terms of the science of hormones, which is discussed extensively
  • It is overly commercial- Mrs. Somers gives good solid information-however, there is also too many advertisements for her own personal products



Full Review

Sure, we remember the beautiful Suzanne Somers from the captivating yet baffling character, "Chrissy Snow" that she played on the hit series "Three's Company." So many years later, her beauty and youthful appearance is still captivating. Suzanne Somers is no stranger to the health and beauty industry. She has an empire of books, and videos dedicated to living a happier and healthier life. She is a role model to many women, since she has battled and conquered her own health challengers.


So! What is the science behind "Sexy Forever?" Well, simply put, as you get older, you lose the youthful hormones your body needs to regulate your metabolism. Therefore, as women get older, they find that it is harder and harder to lose the weight and stay slim. Women over 40 constantly fight irregular hormones, stubborn belly fat, bloating and a host of other weight-related issues.


In "Sexy Forever," Suzanne Somers illustrates that irregular hormones, some dietary habits and surprisingly cosmetics affect the woman over 40's ability to lose and maintain healthy weight. A membership-based program is customized for you according to your specific needs. It is similar to "The Diet Solutions" program, which also encourages weight loss according to your specific and individual needs. The scientific evidence to back Mrs. Somers claims is there. So undoubtedly, many may find merit in her "Sexy Forever" program.

The program consists of recipes, shopping-list tools, food Log, calorie calculator, weight tracker, nutrition fact finder, healthy-weight calculator, inch tracker, personal meal planner, individualized journal, a thorough workout routine, and an activity calculator.A complete program gives the consumer everything she needs to lose weight and stay "Sexy Forever."


Sexy Forever: How to Fight Fat after Forty
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The Sexy Forever Recipe Bible
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