Suzanne Somers, the 64-year-old actress, business woman, author and singer best known for her role as "Chrissy Snow" on the American comedy "Three's Company", is the author of the book "Sexy Forever, How to Fight Fat Over Forty." The book and the program are a phenomenal success, but how does the average woman over 40 who has read the book and or tried the program feel about it? Does it work? Did they lose weight and become healthier following Suzanne's advice? Here are some real reviews from real women. Customers


  • "This program is specifically designed for dealing with weight loss in the second half of life. This is for the baby boomers. Our weight loss needs are different from our younger counterparts. When I was young, I could go on any diet and lose as much as I wanted-and fast. After forty, it's not so easy. This program is the only one that addresses the issue of hormonal imbalance. You will not lose weight until you fix this problem." -Suzanne Somers

  • "I lost almost 60 pounds three years ago Somersizing, but going through the change piled it back on. . . . Then I realized why-my hormones were so out of whack my body wasn't working properly. Then I saw you on TV discussing The Sexy Years. . . . Within two weeks of starting my compounded natural hormones, I noticed my symptoms diminish, and the weight started melting off too! I've lost 28 pounds. I exercise daily, I'm eating fabulous foods (desserts too), my hormones are back in balance, and my darling husband of 30 years is happy to have his vibrant wife dragging him into the bedroom again! I will be a Somersizer and Bioidentical girl for life." -Sherri Elliott

  • "Everything is so delicious and satisfying. . . . One thing is better than the next. I lost 160 pounds in fifteen months and have been maintaining now for about four months. And the best part is, I feel fantastic." -Carol Ann Friedman

  • "I am fifty-four years old and began your plan in May of 2003. By November of 2003, I had lost 30 pounds and had gone from size 14-16 to a size 8. I am so thrilled to report that I have maintained the weight loss and am now a size 6, and have bought a few 4s. Never have I felt so healthy and so alive! It is a brand new way of life and a totally changed state of mind." -Linda Cohen


  • "I am 52 years old, going through menopause, and having difficulty keeping weight off. In the past year I have gained 30 pounds and now have a typical "stomach" that won't go away, thanks in no small part to fibroids. While I think Suzanne's book is good for the average woman, it does nothing to address women with complicated issues, such as sensitivities to taking hormones. I can't take ANY hormones. My body has a rather nasty reaction to them. I went on the merry-go-round of doctors, some homeopathic and some traditional, and none of them could find a hormone, either natural or synthetic, that I could take. My thyroid measures normal on even the advanced tests, but the homeopaths thought my levels could be higher and suggested thyroid hormone. I couldn't take it, of course. Could not take estrogen either, even in tiny amounts!" –Connecticut consumer
  • "I didn't think very much of this book. I really thought it was a bomb and a big waste of my money." S.Carol Hazel (Lowell, Ohio)


Ebay Customers


  • "Bought for a friend of mine, that person has lost 6 pounds in the first two weeks of using the book information.. goal is 30 pounds,, that person WILL achieve that goal.. GOOD diet plan... just follow it!"
  • "If you are in Menopause and wnat to lose weight buy this book recipes are great book is terrific all her books are terrific."
  • "THis is the only book you will ever need from Ms.Somers. This book has the lifestyle,food,diet,health,fas​hion flair that we expect from this "perky" lady. Get this book and READ it then PRACTICE it and you will see great changes in the QUALITY of your life. Queen Bee !"
  • "It's a great book with alot of great recipes. It really helps to clarify how to eat healthy without sacrificing taste. I already passed the book along to a friend who has diabetes, to see if it will help!"
  • "This is her newest book, revised recipes and ideas, is a great book full of motivation. Have been losing weight slowly on her plan."
  • "Fast service. The book is great. I love Somersize recipes, they are clear and easy to follow, even teaching me new tricks."
  • "The book arrived in less than 2 weeks in perfect condition. I was thrilled to find it in such excellent condition and especially at such a low price."
  • "I bought this book because it was recommended by a doctor. The book is in great condition and I am enjoying it. If you are interested in eating better I would recommend it."
  • "Wonderful book. Great price and shipping costs. Easy to understand book, makes perfect sense. I would recommend this book to anyone who experiences insulin resistance. The new way of eating has restored my health. Thank you seller and Suzanne Somers."


We could find no "cons" from Ebay customers who purchased the book.

Overall Summary

Based on the reviews from real women taken from Ebay and Amazon, the "Sexy Forever" program has great merit and most women who used it, found it helpful in achieving their weight loss and health goals. Suzanne Somers is a role model for many women who are over 40 and battling the bulge. She's 64 years old, fit and fabulous!


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