1793 United States Large centCredit: dreamaker

Obsolete coins of this type are damn sexy; if you don't think so then go sell one and buy a nice Ferrari and then cruise the strip and see if you can't get a sexy friend real quick. Let's face it, that kind of money is very cool.

Anyway, back to the coins. The United States has produced some extreme rarities that have fetched far over a million at auction. There are pedigree examples that have hit ten million. I get all excited when I find a dish if coins or a jar full of cents and tokens at a barn or yard sale. I shake a little sometimes when I'm opening a box of coins I bought an an auction. All it takes is the right coin and you could find a million dollars plus just like that.

1804 United States Silver Dollar(59796)Credit: Dreamaker

I'll start out with the 1804 Silver dollar that every coin collector in the world would give his eye teeth to own. Me I would own it for a short time because the five million or so it would bring at auction would entice me a lot more then the coin.

1894-s United States Barber DimeCredit: Dreamaker

Move on to the extremely rare 1894-s dime and a cool seven million windfall would make you the absolute sexiest on the block. Then again capital gains would suck up a big chunk.

1796 United States Copper Half CentCredit: Dreamaker

1793 United States Copper Large CentCredit: Dreamaker1796 was a year that produced a rare million dollar half cent. 1793 it was the chain cent. Copper coins make up a surprising percentage of United States coins that have broken the million dollar mark.

Today the increase in speed of communication as well as the reach we now have globally with the Internet auction sites like eBay and others, a vast collector base has assembled electronically and now bid on coins to the point of creating a frenzy.

1913 United States Victory nickleCredit: Dreamaker1913 United States Victory nickels are said to number just over ten known and finding a new example would make you extremely rich. The price realized at auction is impossible to predict because it would bring whatever the market would carry.

This type of rarity is sought out by people like the king of Siam and millionaires like Bill Gates. The actual value would be set by them and not until the auction was over would we have an intrinsic value.

There are many more United States coins that have hit this prestigious number. The list would be to long to go into here. I recommend The Redbook Of United States coins for all of your questions about value and stats. It's a great book that comes out every year and has for 50 some odd years.

Coin collecting is a fun and affordable hobby. These coins that have brought millions are probably not going to make it into your collection. The fun isn't the value but the history and the satisfaction of completing the collection you set out to own.

1804 United States Silver Dollar

A One Million Plus Coin All Day

1804 United States Silver Dollar(59796)
Credit: Dreamaker
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Millions For a Dime

1894-s United States Barber Dime
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Victory Nickel Is Lost

A Million Dollar Plus Coin Missing Somewhere

1913 United States Victory nickle
Credit: Dreamaker

Half a Cent Makes a Whole Million

Copper coins turn into green.

1796 United States Copper Half Cent
Credit: Dreamaker

King of the Large Cents

First and Finest

1793 United States Copper Large Cent
Credit: Dreamaker