Sexy and Elegant Plus Size Nightgowns

In every woman's closet, there is always that particular piece of clothing that defines romance and elegance-- nightgowns. For some women, wearing a nightgown or even owning one is frivolous but for others, a nightgown signifies beauty and fantasy. About Curves is a shop that sells different types of nightgowns that come with different colors and styles. Most of the nightgowns are made of satin or chiffon and have beautiful laces all around the dress.

Sexy is subjective and sometimes, can be overrated. But nowadays, very thin or skinny women are the epitome of sexy. Because of this, plus size women of different ages feel a bit outcast. Majority of women in America are plus size. Because they account for more than half of the women's population, it seems logical to think that there are more clothes available for them. On the contrary, there is very few. Plus size women struggle with low self-esteem because of society's discrimination. This is a very sad truth. However, there are always ways to turn things around. To start, if you are plus size, then you must know how to determine the right plus size nightgown for you. Finding a nightgown that will fit your voluptuous body is a tricky business. You can't just pick a nightgown from a hanger and put it on. Read on to learn more about the tips in finding a plus size nightgown for you.

How to Determine the Right Plus Size Nightgown
Determine Size. Whenever you are in a market for any new clothes, it is always important to be cautious enough to take your own measurements. Get to know your own body. Determine the parts of your body which will make you look even more beautiful than you already are. In finding a plus size nightgown, make sure that you give extra room for your body. Compare your body measurements with the size of the desired nightgown and leave a couple of inches to make sure that you will be comfortable wearing it. Nightgowns are available in sizes 1X-12X. However, always be reminded that not all brands share similar sizes. American size nightgowns can be different from European nightgowns as well as Asian nightgowns. So, after you compare the measurements, always take time to try them on for you to actually see the fitting.

Shop online. One very popular way in finding a plus size nightgown is by looking into the internet. Most brands including lingerie brands have a website where you can browse through their clothing collection with ease. There are also brands that allow you to order a nightgown directly from the website. There are also online auction shops that sell nightgowns for a lower cost. There are many things that you can do just by surfing the web. Sometimes, the websites contain a self-help wherein you can enter your body measurements and they will automatically find a plus size nightgown for you.

Evaluate yourself. The key to looking sexy and beautiful despite your size is finding your best features and emphasizing them. If you think that your best assets are your shoulders then buy lingeries that will show them off such as double-stringed nightgowns. If you are very proud of your round hips then by a nightgown that is soft and smooth to accentuate your curvaceous gams. If you are tall and you have beautiful and shapely legs, then don't hesitate to show them by wearing short lingeries.

Don't Overdress. One common mistake that most women commit is overdressing-- wearing very colorful and over-the-top nightgowns with heavy accessories. There is a reason why the saying, "simplicity is beauty" still holds. You can still look sexy and beautiful without wearing a nightgown that is too flattering. The people will look at your dress and not at you. Choose nightgowns that are simple and monotone in color that matches your skin tone. If you want, you can choose from different styles and different cuts. Nightgowns that are made of silks and chiffons with simple patterns are already topnotch. Just wear it with confidence and you are all ready to brace the day.

Styles. If you are going to choose a style of your nightgown, there are things that you have to keep in mind. One is to make sure that it matches the undergarments that you are going to wear. For instance, if you are wearing a plus size corset, make sure that the nightgown is not too thick. It should be thin enough to make the shape of your body visible but not too thin that it is almost showing off the corset that you are wearing underneath. If you are going to wear a bustier, make sure that it won't show when you wear a nightgown over it.

Different Kinds of Nightgowns

Finding a nightgown is a challenge for most women. But the task gets harder if you are a plus size. Instead of treating yourself to a good night sleep wearing sexy nightgowns, you are stuck with wearing oversized t-shirts just because you are insecure of your body size. At this point, it is important to know that there are different kinds of nightgowns that may flatter your body type. One famous type of nightgown is called babydoll. Babydoll nightgowns have a hip-length made from delicate fabric often decorated with ruffles, ribbons or lace. The top-half of the babydoll nightgown has an empire fold and has a soft molded bra cups sewn into the fabric for better support. The bottom half is short and soft with minimal decoration. The most common fabrics that are used to make babydoll nightgowns are sheer fabric and chiffon.

Another very popular type of nightgown is called chemise nightgown. It is very popular among women at ages 25-40. Chemise nightgowns are sex and daring. They are usually hip-length but there are others that are floor-length. Chemise nightgowns are sometimes made of cotton or linen which is perfect to wear during summer weather. There are also silk chemise nightgowns with lace patterns around the neckline and the hemline. You can purchase a chemise nightgown with a matching robe.

Victorian nightgowns have been very famous since the 1800's. They are called as such because the style originated during the reign of Queen Victoria. Victorian nightgowns are white or cream in color. However, some retailers such as Vermont Country Store are selling Victorian nightgowns with different colors such as red, velvet and pink. They are usually floor-length with triple or quadruple layers. Unlike the chemise nightgown, Victorian nightgowns have full sleeves and puffed shoulders. That is why, plus size women frequently purchase this nightgown. A common Victorian nightgown covers almost your whole body giving a touch of mystery and elegance. Despite its heavy layers, the fabric is very soft and smooth that if fitted, you can still see the figure of your body.