The new Tattoo trend for women

I can't lie, my opinion will always be slightly bias when it comes to tattoos because I just love tattoos with a passion. That however means I can spot an awful tattoo a mile off, that really annoys me, because once it is on someones skin, it is permanent.

Every couple of years tattoos have trends, especially when it comes to tattoos for women. Over the last few years the tattoo trends have been tattoos along the arch of the foot, along the side of the hand, behind the ear and up the hip and stomach. Now comes a brand new trend that may end up looking a mess on some women and absolutely gorgeous on other women. The stocking tattoo is certainly one tattoo trend that needs to be thought about and done with care.

Seamed stocking tattoos

I am not a great fan of the above style, but there are both. The one shown in this picture is called a "seamed stocking tattoo", as you can tell, it gains its name from the seam line of the old 40s style stocking. That however, is exactly what it looks like, a badly drawn line down the leg in the same badly done way that they use to do them with their eye liners. You have to know your history to know where this trend has walked in from. In the second world war when ladies could not afford their stockings, they would use their eyeliner to draw on the line, as you see in this stocking tattoo, after they had browned their legs with tea or gravy browning. Why have girls always had a problem with their legs being white, it is like white legs are a crime. 40s fashion has made its way back in for 2012 and so you can see where the idea of the stocking tattoo came in with it, even though stocking tattoos did not exist in the 40s.

Tattoos that are begotten by people just for fashion are dangerous, because the people who follow fashion tend to be as finicky as fashion itself. What is one to do with a tattoo that isn't fashionable any more? So I would really suggest only getting a seam lined stocking tattoo if you really and passionately love them.Yeah, I know, you heard that before and every anti tattoo person says " you will regret them when you are older", whilst I have had some of my tattoos for over 15 years and never regretted any of them, that is because none of mine were done for a fashion statement, all my tattoos are personal and mean something, and my first one was illegally done at 16 years old, still love it. So if you love the seamed stocking tattoos go for it. A good idea to test out if you do like these or not would be to try out the  stockings that actually are real stockings with tattoo designs on them.

Stockings with tattoo patterns on for women

Now that is what I call a sexy stocking tattoo!!

Stocking tattoos with out the seam line

If you love the tattoo design at the top of the leg but like me, you just hate the seam line drawing that looks like your child has drawn down your leg, you can actually get stocking tattoos with out the seam line, in my mind they look ten times better, but lest not forget this is personal opinion and no one is right or wrong, it is a matter of what you are happy with having tattooed on to your body. Remember tattoos are permenant art work.