A shabby chic bathroom is a bright space that isn't overwhelming. It can be feminine or simply elegant depending on who will be using the room. Plus, white is a common theme in shabby chic design. This means that your existing tub, sink and even the toilet will work in the design. You'll be able to integrate any white or taupe tile that you already have in the space. You can create a shabby chic bathroom from a neutral space. It's more about decorating than remodeling so it will save you a lot of money and still give you high style.

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Shabby Chic Colors

shabby chic bathroomCredit: FreeRange Stock PhotoIf your husband isn't too keen on having a "girly" room bring in masculine and gender neutral elements that you can both appreciate. Paint the room a light robin eggs blue. He can't complain about the room being too feminine if it's blue right? Balance it with crisp white towels. You can even paint large white rectangles on the wall to simulate molding and give the bathroom a French feel. You can add corbels near the ceiling to give your room a sense of history even if it's a fairly new space. Use white plantation shutters on the windows to bring in a shabby chic color but still keep the room from becoming too girly.

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Shabby Chic Bathroom Accessories

Shabby chic bathroom accessories can be beautiful and useful at the same time. You can change up your lighting by adding simple cream shades. Accent your room with oversized silver candlesticks and a vintage hand mirror. For a touch of elegance in your room look for wastebaskets, tissue holders, soap dishes and toothbrushes holders with a mirrored finish. You can often find pieces where the glass has been etched with a floral pattern that is so shabby chic but also lends an elegant air. You can also use pieces of china and crystal to act as candle holders or toothbrush holders.

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Shabby Chic Bathroom Vanity

Shabby Chic BathroomsCredit: FreeRange Stock Photo

You can turn your existing vanity into a shabby chic bathroom cabinet or make your own. You'll want a piece that looks like furniture with a matching mirror. You can often find old dressing tables with an attached mirror and these pieces are pretty inexpensive. If you are buying a new vanity look for one with feet. You can use wood glue and pre-carved details to add interest to the vanity. Accent with glass knobs and paint the entire piece white or cream. If you are going with a subtle color like beige or taupe you'll need to make bolder statements that are still feminine. Add lots of molding and wainscoting to the room and crown molding around the ceiling. Bring in a small crystal chandelier. The shabby chic style is about creating a harmonious space that flows instead of making big statements. This means that you should keep pattern to a minimum and focus on texture. This includes carvings, moldings, crystals, sheer curtains and painted floors.

Vessel sinks are popular in modern decorating and you can bring them into a shabby chic bathroom. Look for a sink that looks like an oversized china bowl or just a plain white porcelain sink. Keep the rest of the vanity in a scrolled, vintage look.

Another finish that you can do on a shabby chic vanity is a crackle finish. To keep this from being too country use colors that are close in tone and neutral like layering a taupe on top of a cocoa. Make larger cracks with crackle medium so the piece isn't too busy and instead has a genuine aged appearances.

You might want to bring in an additional cabinet for storage in your room. You can antique a piece by layering cream paint on top of white paint. You can sand down the edges or wipe off the white paint so the darker color shows through. You can mirror the front of cabinet doors on an old china hutch or add in window screens. This allows you to subtly display and store your linens and towels in a fashionable way. Shabby chic furniture has curves so look for a vintage piece that you can paint instead of a more modern one that will have contemporary straight lines.

Shabby Chic Bathroom Vanities

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Shabby Chic Bathroom Decor

Shabby chic interior design can have a country or vintage flair to it. If you have a claw foot tub without a shower you can play around with your shower curtain because it's mostly decorative. You can even make your own canopy to drape around one side of the tub. Accent with painted iron scroll work on the walls and a small table next to the tub to hold toiletries. This look is timeless but the colors will still work with the rest of your house.

Then there are the shabby chic accessories that just add a feminine element to the room. If you want a French feeling look for small towel hooks with signs on them that say His and Hers which will also help you keep your towels straight. Cursive writing will also seem more elegant and feminine when used on your bathroom accessories and signs. You'll just want to include one or two accessories like an urn with pink flowers in it so your room doesn't become cluttered or impractical.

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A shabby chic bathroom can be elegant. Frame out your mirror with oversized molding that is almost as big as the mirror itself so it becomes a piece of artwork in the room. Hang crystal pendants over the vanity and keep the rest of the room white on white for a luxurious hotel look that still has a shabby chic vibe to it. For more of a cottage look then add in shower curtains and drapes in a traditional rose pattern. Keep the rest of the room neutral, most cabbage roses also have shades of white or taupe in them. Pull one of these colors out to use as the main wall and tile color in your space.

Shabby chic decorating is perfect for a bathroom because it's somewhat neutral and relies on a lot of accessories. This means that future homeowners will be able to redecorate to their tastes or you can just change up your design style inexpensively. Plus, you'll be able to create a shabby chic bathroom for next to nothing.

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