A shabby chic bedroom is a put together space that is also relaxing. You can probably use some of your existing furniture pieces and linens. Since this style focuses on collections and antiques you can use the items you have or slowly build your room over time. You should focus on quality pieces made from real wood. The finish isn't as important because you'll want to paint the pieces anyways. This allows you save money and revive pieces of furniture that may have sentimental meaning.

A shabby chic vanity table can be a place where you put on makeup in the morning or turn it into a desk. You can give a wash over painted pieces if they seem too bright for an aged effect. Not every piece in a shabby chic room has to match but they should all relate to each other. This may mean finding pieces that all have intricate scroll work or the same paint finish.

The same principle applies to colors. You might not naturally pair taupe and yellow together. You might not mix a white dresser with a green bed. However, since each item seems aged they all work together. This even applies to fabrics. Look for throw pillows, chair covers, rugs, and curtains that are all faded for a vintage style where all of the colors work together. To keep the room in harmony you might want to just pull some of the colors out of a floral fabric. Instead of the obvious choice of pink or red, pull out taupes and green so that the roses will be the focal point of your room. The use of neutrals will keep your space from becoming too busy and will stay true to the light and airy feeling that is so invocative of the shabby chic style.

The bed should be the focal point of a shabby chic room. This means going with a four poster bed, sleigh bed, or just using a headboard and a footboard. If you don't have a footboard then just add a bench or hope chest to the end of the bed to give it more presence. Look for beds that are high off the ground. You can keep the bedding neutral by going with a plain white quilt or a fluffy down comforter. This bedding is durable and it will still be in style for years to come. You can give the bed more presence by hanging a crystal chandelier over it; just make sure that you won't hit your head on it.

If your existing bed is brass or a sleek wood, then add some character. Layer different creams and browns for an aged appearance. The lines of the piece are really what is important. Pair a cream bed with pale green walls for a gender neutral room that is still elegant. Raid your shabby chic dining room for some plates to hang over the bed.

A shabby chic room doesn't have to be frilly. Try adding pickled paneling to one wall to look like the exterior of a house. Paint the rest of the walls yellow or gray and then accent the space with either white gauze curtains or toile fabric. This creates a neutral space that can double as an office or guest room.

Finding your own shabby chic end table can save you money on nightstands. Use a plant stand or paint a roadside find. If you want a more modern shabby chic space then keep the accessories to a minimum. Use an iron bed and white linens. Give the space that shabby chic feel by putting thick molding and distressed corbels around the closet doors, windows and entryway.

Shabby chic bedroom ideas should focus on history. You can make an ordinary room into something extraordinary by applying distressed tin ceiling tiles to the ceiling. The ceiling often goes unattended in a bedroom but it's the first thing you see when you wake so why not make it a focal point?

A shabby chic bedroom can have a modern vibe to it. You might think that it seems feminine or elegant. You'll just need a few pieces to create a shabby chic room that is easy to live with. Start with a cream carved shabby chic bed. Instead of voluminous drapes on the window try chic roman shades but use a patterned toile fabric. The walls should be bright white, this is a shabby chic color and is easy to accessorize and live with. Add in antique looking chandeliers and lamp shades with beaded fringe to finish off the look.

A shabby chic design invokes memories of by gone eras. It has a romantic feel to it. Try a bed skirt made from real lace for an ethereal feeling. This is traditional and feminine but totally different from the stand basic eyelet lace bed skirt. Distress the walls, ceiling and floor by white washing them. This works really well if you have bead board or paneling in your room.

Add a romantic touch with columns to create a grand entryway into your room. You can often find faux half columns in the garden department if you don't need them for structural support. You can also bring in stencils instead of wallpaper. These will be a lot easier to paint over when you tire of them. If you have a basic painted floor then add a tone on tone stencil. Keep the colors muted; you may even want to sand them down after you finish. This will keep it from becoming cutesy or country. Also, go for an all over pattern instead of a country border. You can also make 3d stencils with a stencil and joint compound. This will give your walls a plaster effect and you can add in the scrolls and flowers in a subtle elegant way that is still invocative of the shabby chic style.

A shabby chic bedroom is a relaxing retreat that is also interesting. You might not even have to paint your walls to create this effect. Instead focus on making your furniture relate to each other so you don't have to go out and buy a whole new set. This look doesn't require remodeling just simple redecorating so any skill level or budget can achieve it.