Shabby Chic Bedroom Furniture

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Shabby chic bedroom furniture is a style of bedroom furniture design that draws from the shabby chic aesthetic of interior decorating. The concept is simple: you want your furniture pieces to be very fashionable, high quality, but yet have a weathered, distressed or used look that indicates years of careful use and love. This idea encapsulates a number of different styles, including vintage and upcycled furniture

You'll get bonus points in this game for using pieces in a clever or unique way, and the more individual and carefully crafted your shabby chic bedroom furniture is, the more quaint, cozy and appealing your bedroom will be. This style is great for reading a good book on a sleepy afternoon, or curled up in front of the fire with tea on a cold evening. 

Let's learn a bit about shabby chic bedroom furniture, and the ways you can use this decor to your advantage!

Shabby Chic Bedroom Furniture Explained

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Shabby chic bedroom furniture is fairly easy to explain. The concept is that you take a piece of furniture, preferably made of a high quality material like wood or brass (avoid the particle board stuff you'll find at big box stores!) and you distress it slightly (unless it's vintage or antique, then the distressing has already been done for you!) 

Most shabby chic furniture involves white or black paint. There is definitely a certain vibe of French pastoral design in these looks. French shabby chic bedroom furniture is almost always painted, and is usually made of high quality solid wood. 

You can easily take a regular piece of wood furniture and imbue it with shabby chic decor. The easiest way to do this is to paint it white, and then carefully sand the edges of the wood to expose a bit of the grain. You have to be quite careful with this, or it will look fake. I've written an article on it here, and everything written can apply to shabby chic bedroom furniture. 

Don't forget that you can paint brass or iron shabby chic bedroom furniture very easily and use similar principles as in the article above. Wood is a good option but it is not the only option!

Shabby Chic Bedroom Furniture: Where To Find, Where To Buy

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Shabby chic bedroom furniture isn't hard to find these days. You can find examples of this kind of thing in almost any department or furniture store. French shabby chic furniture, in particular, is becoming very popular, and the influence can be seen everywhere from antique furniture stores to high end modern boutiques. 

I do recommend that you paint your own shabby chic bedroom furniture; it will save you money, it's a great bonding experience for a couple or a family, and it will last longer than any 'boxed' furniture replicas you can find. 

You may need to peruse yard sales and antique shops for your shabby chic bedroom furniture. There are lots of great solid wood pieces out there. Just study the shape of what you want to do using google images or furniture catalogs, and look for a similar piece that you can paint or distress. Shabby chic bedroom furniture, by nature, shouldn't break the bank, and it should be unique to you so you'll feel at home and have a story to tell!

Shabby Chic Bedroom Furniture

The best pieces of shabby chic bedroom furniture are definitely the ones you make and design yourself, so go out there and be creative and start a cool project with your family! You won't regret the decision, and your home will look better for it. 

Good luck!