Shabby Chic Chandeliers: Lighting Ideas for the Home

Shabby Chic Chandeliers

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They're big, they're bright, and they hang from the ceiling! It's amazing what an incredible light fixture can do for your home. They are one of the most indispensible things in home design, and the impact an amazing fixture can have is often overlooked by the uninitiated. For home lighting, shabby chic chandeliers can't be beat. They provide ample illumination while looking amazingly cool, and best of all they are often pretty darn affordable. 

This article is intended to be a showcase of shabby chic chandeliers in all their glory. Consider it a catalyst for your creative juices! We will look at home lighting and shabby chic chandeliers and various ways you can implement them in your space. We'll talk about some of the key design features of these cool lighting fixtures, and what might best suit your particular style. 

Let's get started and look at some cool and amazing shabby chic chandelier designs!

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Design Styles and Cues:

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There are a few distinctive features of shabby chic chandeliers that make them unique and different from traditional chandelier designs. We'll go over a few of those styles now so you can pick them out.

Super Ornate:

Shabby chic chandeliers are often extremely ornate. They are almost overkill in their use of loops, twirls, many small light bulbs, and crystals. This is an intentional thing, and it enhances the whole appearance. Since they are often used with a very straightforward, simplistic design aesthetic, they create a sense of contrast. A big, beautiful and overly ornate shabby chic chandelier is often placed in juxtaposition to blank, solid colored walls to really make it 'pop'. 

'French Country' Styled:

Shabby chic chandeliers and lighting are often also referred to as French country chandeliers. This is because the style is somewhat influenced and inspired by the French country aesthetic that originated in rural France. The idea includes white washed items with a slightly worn, distressed look. Many of these items are antique inspired too, giving them a classic feel, perfect for the semi-ironic nature of this distressed style. 

Big, Bold and Beautiful:

Another prevalent feature of shabby chic chandeliers is the use of very bold features. It's not unheard of for a lighting fixture to be painted in a bright, solid color, or to utilize very unique decorations like feathers, beads and candles. In a lot of cases, the lighting fixture itself is the central feature of the room. The rest of the pieces can be quite plain or simple with one of these things hanging from the roof!

Shabby Chic Chandelier Lighting: Placement and Styling

Accent Your Piece

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In a lot of cases, your shabby chic lighting fixtures will be very noticeable, and you shouldn't be afraid to flaunt the unique style these pieces bring to a room. They are intended to stand out and be noticed, so don't be afraid to let them. 

As I mentioned earlier, one of the best uses of shabby chic chandeliers is to use them as the focal point of the room. You can use solid colors or light colored walls or wallpapers to really make them show up well.

They are usually best placed in the center of a room, and you should choose a fixture that matches the size of the room. French country chandeliers are intended to be a little bit 'oversized' for their space, but you can't go too far in that direction or it'll look overcrowded. 

Also remember that the French country elements in a shabby chic chandelier are a whimsical nod to an old world style. If you encorporate small pops of this same antique influenced design in your space, it will really work well. Everything will come together very nicely!

Tips and Cautions:

Shabby Chic Chandeliers & Lighting

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Here are a few tips and cautions to help you find the perfect shabby chic chandelier to fit your home:

-Don't fall for the notion that you need to shell out big bucks to get a good French country styled chandelier. Sure there are some amazing and expensive shabby chic lighting fixtures out there, but they aren't the only choice. Check out discount stores, outlets and even vintage / antique shops. 

-Be careful of imitators. A lot of people will label something shabby chic, but just because they say it doesn't make it so! Make sure the piece you're looking at has the features we talked about earlier in this article. 

-When you get your shabby chic chandelier make sure to have it hung by a professional or someone who really knows what they are doing. Installing these babies isn't for the faint of heart (or the weak of arms!) they are heavy, ungainly and awkward, and they must be affixed to something able to bear the weight or your world will come crashing down sooner than you think!

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