Shabby chic decorating ideas allow you to use one of the more popular design styles on a budget. You can repurpose a lot of the furniture that you already have in your home as long as you're going to give it a different painted finish. Here are a few of the ways that you can really change up this concept so it's going to work for your everyday life.

White linens are a staple in this design style, but they aren't always the most practical. Instead, you might just go for a taupe color that you can still accent with a lot of pink. This is going to be a lot easier to live with whether it's on your living room chairs or even your accent towels. This is a way that you can take this more formal design style and make it very family friendly as well.

You can also use this mixed in with a lot of modern furniture that you may have in your space that feels a little bit too cold. A great way to do this is just by putting wallpaper on one wall. Try going with an oversized rose print. This is a staple in the shabby chic design style. Then put it next to a modern white couch to look really unusual. However, the color palette really coordinates together and it ensures that each design style has a lot of balance to it.

One thing that you may really want to consider doing is to go with painted furniture which you can easily create yourself. However, one of the more difficult options is going to be to go with wood tones. This is even true if you are trying to bring the shabby chic design style into a kitchen. In fact you could really mix and match these two concepts by going with a butcher block countertop and white paint. Another option would be to just bring in pine or oak furniture. However, it needs to be quite aged. It's not going to be the bright yellow oak that we are so used to seeing. It really needs to be antiqued and this will help to subdue a color that would otherwise be too harsh for this design style.

This is one of the few design styles that focuses on a lot of accessories. This means that you can really bring in anything that is important to you. In fact you could just try creating a wall collage out of a lot of antique buttons and wooden wall plaques. Even if you don't sew you can still use a lot of your grandma's vintage sewing supplies but in entirely new ways.

Any kind of vintage photograph is going to look great in this room. You could do an entire family display. Shabby chic picture frames are going to be somewhat expensive. Usually they're going to be metal instead of a lot of plastic or wood versions that we really see around a lot. This is going to be one of the more ornate styles and it can use a pressed tin but you can also just see a lot of metal scroll work as well. This has a lot of interesting frames that really allow you to cut down on the number of items that you buy because each item is going to look so important when it's just on top of the table.