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Shabby Chic furnitures

Dining Table and Chairs DesignsShabby Chic dining tables and chairs have become in high demand as people are looking for vintage and retro furniture to decorate their house with. This type of furniture is usually quite old and has been used quite a lot showing signs of wear and tear. It is mainly made of wood and painted in white or soft pastel colours, what gives it its shabby look is the fact that they have been painted over and over throughout the years. It gives the furniture a certain chic look and originality that cannot be bought in a high street retail furniture store.

Those people strive to be different from theStylish Dining Table And Chairs manufactured churned out IKEA furniture that we see throughout the world there has been a cottage industry that has started up to produce this type of furniture from new. It is a long drawn out process where the furniture has to be painted and sanded down then painted over again giving many layers to give it the Shabby Chic dining tables and chairs look.

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Also what else are being created are decorated pillows and linens that have been stained with tea to give them an aged effect. Again they use light and pastoral colours with soft patterns giving you a very romantic look.

How did Shabby Chic dining tables and chairs start out?

The fashion actually started in Great Britain and came from designs that were from large country houses. There were a lot of old sofas and curtains that were quite faded and also a lot of furniture with worn paintwork. Interior designers started to see this type of furniture and the potential it had, they started using it in their designs and making it very popular with people who are against being part of the crowd in the 1980s. Also a very popular Shabby Chic design comes from the French which a lot of it is recreated today. Although the fashion did die out for a decade it has come back in with a bang and is original pieces are now commanding extremely high prices.

If you are looking for original Shabby Chic dining tables and chairs the best place to go is an antique shop as they usually have some in stock. Failing that there are a lot of physical auctions and also online once Beautiful Dinner Table Settingswhere people sell their second-hand stuff as they no longer want it.

It is important that you do a little research into the origins of Shabby Chic dining tables and chairs and understand how to date the furniture. This is especially the case if you are going to buy used pieces; if you are buying newly made furniture then it does not really matter as the furniture is a replica of the original. You can find many specialist online retailers now that only deal with Shabby Chic furniture and if you have a piece that you are looking for they will probably be able to source it for you.