Shabby chic furniture is one of the biggest trends in home design. You can pay thousands of dollars for it in a showroom, or you can create your own if you know how to paint shabby chic furniture. This works well if you are just starting out in your first place. You probably have a lot of mismatched furniture pieces that you've inherited from your relatives. This can make your first place seem like a yard sale instead of a dream home. However, if you spend a weekend with a little bit of paint you can easily transform your existing pieces into shabby chic. How to do this isn't that expensive. You might not want to spend lots of money on a home remodel with the economy the way it is, so here is how to get a designer look for mere pennies.

Leave the wood top. This is a trademark of shabby chic furniture and coordinates with more feminine shabby chic paint colors. Many of the tables have a butcher block top. You can even transition this into making your own kitchen island. This gives the piece contrast. You can stain it a rich espresso color for a more modern element. This makes the piece seem more special & high end. This also means that you'll just have to paint the legs of the piece so it's a lot less work for you!

Learn how to distress. They always have a lot of fun with this on decorating shows. It's a way to take out your aggression while still getting shabby chic paint finishes. You can beat up your furniture with hammers & chains. This style of furniture looks like it has been in a farmhouse for hundreds of years. Sand down the edges. You want this to still look chic, so use it in moderation so it doesn't turn into a piece of junk. You can even use a glaze over a fresh paint finish so your piece looks hundreds of years old.

Bring in chair covers. The shabby chic style uses a lot of fabrics. This is even true of shabby chic furniture. You can add chair cushions or covers to a dining room set. This adds texture & interest. Plus, you won't have to worry about the seat being scratched by someone's keys when they sit down. It even adds comfort. You can also put fabric in the inside of cupboard doors. This is another way to add femininity while hiding away all of your clutter.

Paint your pieces different colors. This works really well if you have mismatched pieces. It will help spice up a boring, beige rental apartment. If you can't bring in color on the walls, put it on the furniture. Use light creams, pinks & greens. This way your furniture will look like it was intentionally mismatched instead of just painting whatever you had lying around the house.

Make those lines curvy. You can do this by adding a hutch on top of your desk. This gives you more storage & gives you the feeling of shabby chic furniture. Try gluing molding or scroll work to your existing furniture. This even works on laminate furniture so it doesn't feel too modern.

Shabby chic furniture can make your room feel pulled together. It's a bright & cheery look that works well in a nursery, guest room, or even a living room. Experiment with these tips on garage sale finds until you really get the hang of making your own shabby chic furniture.