A shabby chic garden is an excellent place to relax. It might even remind you of a secret garden. You can use this as your oasis in the city. It can even serve as your getaway if you can't afford a vacation. Even if you don't have a green thumb you can still create a shabby chic garden.

Plant classic flowers. If you want to know how to do shabby chic design then roses are the way to go. Turn to your favorite vintage prints when designing your shabby chic garden. These fabrics are probably too delicate to use outdoors since they aren't waterproof. However, a classic theme in shabby chic fabrics is flowers. You'll often notice pink or red roses. Group these together so your outdoor space has an elegant feel to it. Plus, you can always use a few of them in floral arrangements inside.

Look for feminine shabby chic garden furniture. You'll often find white furniture in a shabby chic garden. If you want your patio to look shabby chic: iron and wicker are the materials you should think of. Since modern design is so popular right now, you can save money by going with a more traditional style. You can even find these sets at garage sales or on freecycle.  How to make shabby chic furniture relies heavily on spray paint. Make sure that the pieces you choose are still comfortable enough to throw outdoor summer dinner parties. You might even want to include a potting bench. This can act as a room divider or even a buffet the way a hutch does in a living room. Paint it a crisp, fun color that will really show off the unusual piece.

Need to know how to decorate shabby chic? Use elegant accessories. Birdhouses are a popular accessory in the home & in a shabby chic garden. You can get these quite inexpensively & paint over any cheesy details. The shabby chic style is all about showing off your favorite items, so see what you already have that can withstand the weather. A trip to the salvage yard will turn up old fence parts & architectural elements. You can even use the archway from your wedding as an entrance into your shabby chic garden. Just make sure that it can withstand the elements, or weatherproof it so this heirloom stays around for generations to come. Turn teacups into small planters for an unusual tablescape.

Paint your fence. This will really transform your space into a shabby chic garden. You can even work with the existing weathered wood as long as it isn't too bright. Try whitewashing it, or staining the wood a sage green. A fence works the same way a wall does inside your house. It's a place to put color & even hang things.

Get your kids toys in on the act. It can seem impossible to have a shabby chic garden when you are sharing the space with children. Talk to them about what they think a garden should be & meld the two styles. Try painting their swing set an unusual color beside the typical reds,yellows & blues that come with most play sets. This way your kids still have a place to play & it won't stick out like a sore thumb. You can even add a small playhouse that will look like a cottage in your back yard. When your kids grow up you can always turn the space into a peaceful home office.

Bring the indoors out. You can cover up that harsh concrete with an indoor outdoor rug. This makes your shabby chic garden feel more like an extension of your house. You can even paint your patio in large check squares so it feels more like a tile floor.

It's pretty easy & inexpensive to get a shabby chic garden. You just need to repurpose the pieces that you already have. It's an opportunity to be more daring than you would in a normal room of your house.