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Shabby chic style is a new (yet classic) way to give your home a touch of class, elegance, yet also give a sense of uniqueness and warmth. Light sources are a huge part of this!

Shabby chic lamp shades are one of the least expensive ways to add a touch of french country chic to your home. You won't spend a bundle and once you have them they're extremely easy to install. Just place one on your favorite lamp and you've given a room an entirely new look. 

This article will talk about the use of shabby chic lamp shades in your home, and the various placement and purchase ideas available to you. We'll talk about what exactly makes up a shabby chic lamp shade, and we'll present a few example pictures to get your mind working. We'll talk about where you can pick up a few shabby chic lampshades yourself!

What Makes A Lampshade Shabby Chic?

Shabby Chic Lamp Shades

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Shabby chic lampshades are pretty unique and identifiable, once you've got the hang of identifying them. The problem is, that descriptor covers a lot of different styles at once. So how do you know what classifies as shabby chic and what doesn't?

The main confusion with shabby chic light shades is mixing them up with other styles and antiques. Shabby chic by nature tends to have a very country and home style aesthetic to it, so you don't want anything that looks sleek or modern. If it has a bit of wear (or appears to) that's perfect. 

Shabby chic lamp shades can also often have a unique, crafty vibe to them. Note the picture at the beginning of this article. The shades pictured there are printed with handwriting and are made to appear like letter postage or a postcard. This is a great effect that emits a very handmade and custom vibe.

With colors, you should be looking for lights and darks. Very light whites, blues and yellows are very common, often with dark or black accents. Look for 'country colors' meaning anything you could picture in a cottage somewhere. 

Shabby chic lampshades often have natural weave textures in them, so your shades might look as though they're made from canvas, light denim or gingham materials, even sack cloth. Don't shy away from this courser look, it will work well!

French style country shabby chic lamp shades often have a very faux 'done up' look, very ornate and antique looking. Not all shabby chic light shades will look like this, but many do, and that works depending on your specific look. You can pair it very nicely depending on your shabby chic accessories.

Where To Find Them, Where To Buy:

Shabby Chic Lamp Shades

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Shabby chic lampshades are not terribly difficult to track down, but it can be tough finding something to exactly match your personal tastes. There are so many styles out there and lamp shades are relatively easy for a retailer to manufacture, so there is a lot of choice. 

An easy way to save money (and one my wife is addicted to) is finding nice shabby chic lamp shades at thrift stores and repurposing them for a different light source. There are fabulous options out there, but be prepared to wade through twenty duds for every gem you find. 

You can update existing lampshades by adding french country accents to them, or by carefully distressing them. Be careful with this, lampshades are often not very durable items.

There are some new options from retailers. Pottery Barn is one that often carries a large selection of shabby chic light shades of various shapes and sizes. You might have success at Ikea too, and their prices are very reasonable. 

Online shopping is a great option for anyone seeking a shabby chic lamp shade or two, so I highly recommend doing some searching with Google images, finding something you like the look of, and tracking down a retailer. 

Good Luck!

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