A shabby chic living room is both feminine and worn at the same time. It's a comfortable space that still has an air of formality. A shabby chic living room is perfect for anyone who wants to backlash against modern design and show off your favorite accessories and antiques. You can create this design style from items that you already have in your home.

You can turn your existing light fixture into shabby chic chandeliers with a little spray paint. Paint it a cream or butter yellow color and then hang crystals from it. Use different sizes and shapes of crystals for interest and to buck tradition. You can decoupage a floral pattern onto the outside of existing light shades. You can also use traditional shabby chic elements in non traditional ways. Sure, old window frames are invocative of this style but you can really make a statement with one. Remove the glass and then suspend the window from the ceiling to act as a room divider.

Shabby chic painted furniture is something you can create yourself to save money. It's a living room interior design idea that you can use with items you already have around your house. You can sand half of the paint off a piece to make it look worn, or add a light layer of paint to a wood piece. You can layer several different shades on top of each other. The shabby chic look appears as though its been collected over time so break up sets by painting each piece of your existing furniture an different color. You can continue the worn paint treatment onto the floor by painting a large blue and white checkerboard that will resemble a cottage tile floor.

A shabby chic wall has character to it. You'll want to keep the paint color light, such as cream. You can create your own artwork by grouping plates together. Pick floral plates or solid colored trays so it doesn't look French Country design. Paneling and bead board is also a popular shabby chic wall treatment.

Accent your shabby chic furnishings by bringing the outdoors in, literally. You can put a worn deck chair in your living room. You can fix up worn wood such as an old bucket by using a transparent blue stain paint treatment. You may even want to bring in a garden arbor to accent a corner of the room and serve as a piece of decorative sculpture. Even garden statues such as angels can work in a shabby chic home. A shabby chic living room allows you to combine pieces from your grandmother's home with items that you pick up in a store. You can show off your collections and femininity while creating an airy space that is still comfortable for everyday life.