If you're like me, you love the look and feel of a home done up in a French country or shabby chic manner. This cozy decorating motif is attractive, up-to-date and warm, and easier to do than you might think. A complete shabby chic home makeover is a difficult thing to do, so it's much better to start working piece by piece. One of the best places to start? Shabby chic table lamps! Shabby chic table lamps and their accompanying French style light shades are a great starting point for a new look for your living space. 

This article will talk about shabby chic table lamps and what they can do for your home or space. We'll go over what makes up a shabby chic table lamp and shade, and what you can look for to achieve this look. We'll touch on where you can find them, and what you can expect to pay. Lastly we will try to give you a few ideas to keep the price down!’

Shabby Chic Table Lamps: French Chic

Shabby Chic Table Lamps: French Chic
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What Is A Shabby Chic Table Lamp?:

Styles and Designs

Shabby chic style is one of those intangible things, and many different looks can fall under this umbrella. When you're talking about French shabby chic table lamps, you're looking for something quite specific. There is a combination of a lightly-used look to the piece, along with highly decorative or extravagant finishes. 

In a shabby chic table lamp, you're probably looking for two things:

First, the shade will likely be pretty ornate. French shabby chic lights and lamps will often utilize highly stylized and decorated shades in this way. It's for good reason: a shade is pretty easy to produce and decorate, and it can increase the class and value of a space very easily. 

Secondly, the base will probably look somewhat distressed. Shabby chic often uses a 'beat-up' look, with faded, chipping or worn paint. This makes the piece look used and well loved, while avoiding a 'dingy' or dirty look. A popular method of doing this is to add a second coat of paint. Usually white, off-white or a light pastel color works well. Shabby chic table lamps with a second coat like this will often have a very 'antique' look to them. That's what you're going for!

It's not uncommon to find a shabby chic table lamp using brass or bronze. Warm-toned metals work very well for this aesthetic too. Occasionally you'll find a country chic style table lamp that uses faux crystal acrylic in the base. This can work too, but it definitely shatters the illusion somewhat. Use these very intentionally. 

Shabby Chic Lamp Shades: Distressed Table Lamp
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Shabby Chic Table Lamps:

Where To Find and Buy

You can find shabby chic table lamps in stores everywhere these days. The look is pretty popular and seems to be enduring, so don't be afraid of your light source going out of vogue anytime soon. Any upscale furniture maker should have some options for you in this category. You might be out of luck when shopping at an ultra-modern furniture maker. A lighting store will be a good place to start, and they might have complimentary fixtures and wall sconces to go with your lamps. 

If you want an authentic antique or vintage look to your shabby chic table lamps, you can try going for the real deal. Antique shops are a good place to stop, and they should have some options (lighting technology isn't much different from what it was 50 years ago). If you find a piece you really like but the guts of it aren't up to code, you can alwaysreplace them. French shabby chic lamps are worth rewiring if they're a rare find. 

Shabby chic lamps and table lamps can be created too. Don't be afraid to let your creativity take over. If you find a lamp with a nice shape but questionable colors or materials, consider painting and distressing it. You can learn more about how to distress your shabby chic table lamp in this article here

You can also retrofit your current lamps by either painting and distressing them, or by seeking out shabby chic lamp shades to bring them up to speed with your new style choice. You can learn a bit about shabby chic lamp shades here too!

Find, Buy, Create:

Find, Buy, Create Shabby Chic Table Lamps and Shades

Finding a shabby chic table lamp to suit your particular taste shouldn't be an issue. In fact the main problem you might run into may be too much choice! The best thing to do before you start your search is take inventory of your space and what you'd like to change. Start small, and before you know it you'll be very happy. 

Don't be afraid to look online for some room inspiration. A few photos will prove just how effective a well placed shabby chic table lamp can be!

Good Luck!

Shabby Chic Table Lamp: Distressed Table Lamps
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