A Science Fiction Book Review

Shadow’s Edge is the second book in a trilogy.  In the first book, Kylar Stern, our main character, starts as just a common street orphan.  He apprentices himself to the best wetboy, or assassin, in the country.  By the end of the first book, a neighboring country invades his country, he kills his master, he acquires the black ka’kari, and he finds his true love.  The black ka’kari is a magical device that is part of group that people have searched for throughout history.  There are various colors, and the black is actually a mystery.

At the start of this, the second book, Kylar, his fiancé (Elene), and the daughter of his former master are leaving the city.  He doesn’t know the full extent of his powers with the ka’kari.  He thinks he is a bad person, because of his training and the fact he has become an assassin.  His fiancé, Elene has become moral and upbeat in spite of the harm done to her as a child.  She says that to stay with her, he is not to kill anymore, for any reason.  He is trying to go to a neighboring country to start a new life, even though his skills could enable him to help a lot of his former friends.

After trying to start a new life, he finds his relationship is suffering.  He also finds he misses the challenges of the old life.  He also cannot stop killing, as he sees people in trouble, and, having the skills to help, does help them.

When an old friend lets him know that his best friend, Logan, presumed dead in the invasion, is in fact alive, Kylar leaves to rescue him.  Kylars rescues Logan, then, together with another wetboy, kills the GodKing, the invader of his country. 

There are lots of twists and turns here.  At the beginning of this book Kyler is with his childhood sweetheart.  When he leaves, Kylar assumes Elene will reject what he is and has done.  By the end of the book, Kylar ends up  married with a magical bound to another woman.  There are also many other story lines here.

Although this is part of a series, it does stand alone, and fills in the needed storylines as you go.  But by the end, you want to get to the third book to see where Kylar will end up.

All three of these books are good reads (I am partway through the third) but they are long.  This one is over 600 pages long.  But it is very detailed and there are not just a lot of empty words to fill the pages.  Sometimes when I get to this point in a trilogy I am looking for the end because I just plain tired of the books.  This time I am looking for the end just because I am vested in the characters and want to know how it will turn out.

Definitely look for Shadow’s Edge by Brent Weeks, and add it to your reading list.


Title – Shadow's Edge

Author – Brent Weeks

# of pages – 636  

Publisher – Orbit Books

Date of First Publication – November 2008