I have been using Shakeology for over a month now and must say that I am extremely impressed with this product. It is marketed as a meal replacement shake, however, you can use it as a health shake for snacks or as a multivitamin. When I purchased it, my plan was to use it as a meal replacement in order to help with my weight loss.

Shakeology contains 70 healthy ingredients and my favorite ingredients are in the super-fruit blend which contains fruits such as acai, goji berries, and camu-camu. That means one shake contains tons of antioxidants. You also get the vitamins and minerals that can be found in a good multivitamin. It contains calcium as well as protein.

Besides all of the good stuff that is in it, a 90-day study was conducted and it was found that Shakeology also helps to lower cholesterol, reduces cravings, improves digestion and irregularity, increases energy and stamina, weight loss, and improved mental clarity.

What about the price?

One question that often comes up is if it is worth the price. There are a few ways to answer this. First you can take a look at the ingredients and decide if it is worth it for your health. You would find it difficult to find a shake that is comparable. There are meal replacement shakes on the market but most don't come even close as to having what is in Shakeology.

Another way to look at the price is by breaking it down. A 30-day supply when broken down averages out to about $3 or $4 a shake (depending on if you get a discount.) Most people will spend $3 - $4 on mochas, lattes, soda, sugary smoothies, and more on a regular basis and not think twice about it. At least with this shake, you know it is good for your body.

Finally, if you want to eat healthier and lose weight, this may help you reach your goals. Using it as a meal replacement for one meal and eating two healthy meals can create a calorie deficit and help with weight loss.

Does it taste good?

Shakeology is available in two flavors: chocolate and greenberry. I can personally vouch for the chocolate flavor. I also highly recommend blending it with ice because it will taste just like a chocolate milkshake. You can use water, milk, soy milk, almond milk, or whatever you choose. I use skim milk and about 4 ice cubes and it is delicious.

Note: If you plan on using it as a meal replacement, always seek the advice of your doctor or a registered dietitian before doing so.