Does your bathroom shelves bulge with products? Everything from soap to bubble bath? Did you know you could get rid of about half of these products and simplify your life?

Shampoo has many uses, and you could replace a few of your products by using it. It can also come in handy for quick chores, and while traveling. Below are just a few tips on uses, other than your head!

hand wash delicates

If you have delicates, you can use a tiny amount in some warm water for hand washing your sweaters and anything that is delicate. It is delicate on your scalp and makes a great hand washing soap.

Also, have you ever gone on an extended vacation or camping trip only to run out of a few things, such as clean underwear, or socks? You can quickly hand wash smaller items in hotel rooms or while camping using your shampoo. Then hang to dry.

 Shaving Cream

If you forgot your shaving cream and were about to resort to soap and water to soften the hair for shaving, then try some of it. This works well and your razor will glides over your skin.


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Bubble Bath

It  makes a great bubble bath. No need to buy separate bubble bath, especially if you love the scent of your shampoo. A little goes a long way, so just a few drops and enjoy your bath. Skip buying the expensive bubble baths.

Wash Your Brush

We all clean the hair out of our brush after we use it, but it can build up with dust and dirt, especially the brush or comb you keep in your purse. We go to all the trouble of have clean and shiny hair, only to brush it with a dirty brush.

Fill your sink with warm water after removing excess hair from your brush, and then pour some shampoo right on the brush and rub in with your hands or use a comb to lather up, then rinse in the warm water. Maker sure you get it all out, and now you will have a squeaky clean brush and comb for your hair.

 Use as a Body Wash

So you have just got in the shower, and realize you have run out of your special soap, or body wash, so why not put a drop of it on your cloth and lather up. It is can be just as effective as your shower gel. You can wash your hair and your body.

Take off that Band Aid

Your kids have a band aid on their knee and now it needs to come off, but the adhesive is really sticking to the skin, and although the band aid has done its job, it needs to come off, so rub a little bit of shampoo over the band aid (on the tabs) and it should come right off the skin.

So, at the end of the day, you probably should just buy an extra large bottle of it and clean off the shelf of all those other products! Or pack a lot less products when you are traveling.