The shanghai international expo is known by many names, it could be called the world fair or shanghai world exhibition. It is an event where the world comes together to get to know each other. It showcases pavilions from over a hundred different countries. Each pavilion is an interesting piece of architecture filled with activities and shops about their countries. There is food, cultural dances, and the like.

Guidebooks to the place are available for a cheap price in china, and is printed in many different languages, selling for about 20RMB. Even in many cities local television gives a run down of certain must go pavilions.

Many people around the world are making a trip down to shanghai just for the world expo held there. The plane tickets have as a result rose greatly, in some places up to two times the usual price before this period.

If you intend to go, try to do so before October where it ends, and where prices for air travel may be jacked up again. If you are already in shanghai or planning to head down, then of course you shouldn't miss the shanghai international expo.

Entering the expo grounds isn't free though, so you would need to purchase tickets, either in shanghai itself or from international ticketing agents. A single special day ticket costs 160 yuan (US$23.40), and 100 yuan (about usd $15) for a single standard day ticket. There are also 3 day passes available for purchase, as well as longer ones. There are also group tickets available.

According to the expo ticketing, Peak Day tickets are made to control visitor flow on predicted peak days of the Expo and then limiting people volume through increasing prices of the tickets. They can then be further classified into Single Day Admission and Special Admission. Peak Days include "Labor Day" Holiday (May 1st -3rd, 2010), "National Day" Holiday (Oct 1st -7th, 2010), and the final week before the closing date (Oct. 25 – 31, 2010), amounting to 17 days in total. Even if you purchase a peak day ticket, it can still be used for a standard day.