Whether you're in Shanghai on vacation or invited there as a guest or simply there on business as an expatriate, you might be intrigued into checking out the night life there. Shanghai has a nightlife that is bound to be spiced up. This spicing up is more the so as the city has resumed its global stature especially after the introduction of the world expo as well as more of the global scene flocking to its streets.

The city is probably one of the cheaper places to experience the clubs and pubs and bars due to the vast currency differences. One can easily step into an upscale lounge or club without feeling too much of a pinch.

For an anecdote, one can simply take a taxi randomly around and step into a bar. I did that and I managed to get one that had 100 RMB for an open bar which was considered towards the high side, which is about 15 USD for an infinite free flow of undiluted drinks. It is possible to have open bars at 30-50 RMB although at more probably less upscale places.

The people frequenting the bars depends in a short part on the location it is in as well as the price. Generally the locals frequenting the night life are much older than those in other countries but I am unsure as to the underlying principle for that. Foreigners are less price dependent in that the price of the club doesn't really factor into their decisions, so you would see less locals as the bars and clubs get more expensive in their cover charges and fees but more foreigners. Depending on your goals that might make a difference in where you head to.

Amazingly, most of the popular night spots in Shanghai have something unique about them. Some has projector screens broadcasting live soccer and football matches or sometimes basketball matches. Others are located high up above buildings in the Bund area and blast asian music from chinese vibes to japanese DJs catering to patrons guzzling bottles of whisky mixed with chinese tea or green tea. Some having dancing girls which probably appeals to some people. Others frequently invite life performances.

Shanghai open bar shenanigans usually offer a wide variety of pure undiluted alcohol that ranges from filled up glasses neat from the bottle to exotic chinese style cocktails that are definitely a unique experience. You'll get your money's worth even if you stick to common orders like vodka redbull or the many black and white russians.

Taxi charges usually start at 12 RMB which translates to about 2 USD, if your place of accommodation and stay is in the city area then you shouldn't see it flow beyond 16 RMB but at the very worst it shouldn't exceed 20+ RMB. Going home after a long night is thus rather cheap if you're operating on a foreign currency like the sterling or the dollar. If you are drawing pay in RMB then it might be a problem, but it is unsafe to go home after drinking with anything but public transport and a taxi.