Netlix Streaming

Netflix offers unlimited streaming for only $8 per month.  Netflix has an enormous library of movies and TV show available to stream and they are constantly adding new material.

One little known feature of Netflix streaming is the ability to use the streaming service on more than one device or even in different households. 

When you sign up for Netflix streaming you are given a log in and a password.  These two pieces of information can be used to watch Netflix from several different locations on several different devices.

In The Same Home:

You can watch Netflix simultaneously in the same home on up to five different devices at the same time. 

This means Mom can be watching Weeds in her bedroom, Dad can be watching Breaking Bad in the den and the kids could be watching Sponge Bob Square Pants in their room, all at the same time.  All for only $8 per month!

There really isn’t a better value in entertainment than a Netflix Streaming Subscription.  Compare $8 per month for access to thousands of shows and movies as compared to your current monthly cable bill.  With cable bills easily topping $100 per month even for the most basic service there’s no contest which is the better value; Netflix Streaming.

Use Your Netflix Account From Different Locations

Not only can you watch Netflix streaming in one home on up to 5 devices, including Roku,  I-Pad, I-Pod Touch, laptop or game console but you can also lend your user name and password at your friends house or if you're staying in a hotel on a business trip.

 If you're going to a friend’s house for a sleep over and they don’t have Netflix streaming, just use your log in and password from their laptop or X-Box and you are up and running on the Netflix streaming site at their house.

The one and only drawback to sharing your user name and password is it can block access to your Netflix account if you are using it from a different location.

For example, say you're using your Netflix account from New York while in your hotel on a business trip.  This will prevent the rest of your family from using the account until you log out.

While up to five devices can stream netflix at the same time from one location, this does not work when it's being accessed from different locations.  This prevents Netflix subscribers from sharing their accounts with friend and relatives for free.